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    Automation Application Solutions - More Control

    One of the most important developing areas in automation technology is the innovation of practical automation applications.

    Traditionally, automated applications have carried out quite simple tasks in factories. At most, devices doming simple tasks could be joined together after proper coordination to execute more challenging activities. By contrast, Modern automation applications are able to work in unison, to integrate all factory tasks and production lines in a complete optimised manner.

    More Control believes in providing efficient, quality automation applications which can help increase the efficiency of production lines and cut costs in the running and maintaining of machinery.

    From simple part modifications to complete automation systems, More Control provides a custom automation service to all aspects of automation.


    For more information about automation applications, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400 to discuss your required application specifications.

    More Control Applications

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    Counting Automation Applications

    counting applicatons In the field of manufacturing, commerce and automation the need for accurate applications that can count, detect and identify with precision are in growing demand.

    From compiling and recognising large amounts of data, to counting production lines and unit lines, counting automation applications not only save time and money, they can also ensure that you can track and trace the exact quantities of production.

    Custom Automation Applications

    bespoke automation applicationsNeed a custom application built? Looking for an innovative automation solution developed? Then you've come to right place! At More Control we specialise in providing custom built, tailored automation applications based on your own individual, specific requirements and desires.

    With more and more applications becoming automated by the day, the level of innovation and technological scope is limitless.

    Lighting Automation Applications

    lighting control applicationsIn commercial industry and in private buildings, regulations for energy use and the need for accurate power monitoring of consumption is increasing.

    Working in partnership with More Solutions, More Control offer a range of lighting control automation applications that offer flexible lighting solutions and power monitoring for various facilities across the UK.

    Power & Control Applications

    power control applicationsIn the field of manufacturing, commerce and automation the need for accurate applications that can count, detect and identify with precision are in growing demand.

    From compiling and recognising large amounts of data, to counting production lines and unit lines, counting automation applications not only save time and money, they can also ensure that you can track and trace the exact quantities of production.

    Readers & Detection Applications

    detection reader applicationsAs more and more products increasingly become safety critical, total product traceability is a paramount requirement on many manufacturing systems.

    Having accurate reading & detection automation applications not only save considerable amounts of time, effort and money, but they provide and ensure quality controls on productions lines. Precision readers can identify and detect large amounts of data in a contained space to accept or reject product lines based on user requirements.

    Vision & Sensor Automation Applications

    vision applicationsIn modern manufacturing, maintaining consistent and above all accurate production lines is paramount to overall success.

    Given the increasingly tight regulations and high standards of quality control set on the manufacturing industry, there is a growing demand to have complete quality assurance in the production, selection and processing of all items.

    With More Control, discover practical vision & sensor automation applications, for testing objects for shape, position, colour or contours.

    Safety Applications

    More Control safety automation applications offer innovative and cost effective tasks in safety engineering. Safety automation incorporates technologies into standard automation ensuring reliable, safe and efficient machine operation.

    Automation System Integrator

    From product selection to breakdown support, More Control provides complete onsite support wherever needed.

    More Control will source the parts you need, help you select the right parts at the best price. Unlike other automation distributors, More Control offer unparalleled support and advice on all aspects of automation to help integrate your control solution.

    Robotics Solutions

    Omron Delta Robot IP59K Working with OEMs to provide a complete turnkey solution with robotics for small scale assembly lines, pick and place robots suitable for food grade industries with up to IP69K protection.

    From software writing to design, install and support More Control provides a complete solution for a wide range of applications.

    • Pick & Place robots
    • Delta Robots
    • SCADA Robots

    Industrial Vision Solutions

    Omron FH Vision System Working with OEM’s More Control offers turnkey vision systems to deal with the needs of high speed production lines.

    Utilising latest software solutions with vision cameras and controllers enable us to handle any requirement you may have.

    Vision systems not only enhance production lines but provide accurate information to check and ensure that each line is running at optimal efficiency

    Motion Control Solutions

    automation distributor Sand-alone, PLC based or servo based motion controller we have the right choice. Working with your motion control requirements, More Control will design and install practical solutions to meet your application needs.

    From single to multi access control, drives, servo and advanced motion control systems.

    Automation Distributor

    As an Omron Premier Partner & Automation Distributor, More Control supplies and supports products from a wide range of manufacturers. With large stock holdings, next day UK delivery and sales support team More Control can source any automation requirements for you:

    • Select parts based on your needs/specifications
    • Cross reference parts and provide upgrades
    • Technical support on all products sold

    Automation Solutions

    automation solutions

    Utilising leading technologies to provide OEMs and End Users with bespoke automation solutions. More Control will help you reduce costs, increase production efficiency and implement innovative solutions for you machinery.

    If you have an application in mind our engineers will work with your requirements to design and build a solution to match your needs.

    Software Writing & Support

    PLC Software Writing

    More Control works closely with major PLC manufacturers, such as Siemens, Rockwell, Omron and Mitsubishi to provide you with effective PLC support and maintenance.

    We can backup PLC programs, fault finding diagnostics and write software to suit your needs.

    For industrial computing/remote monitoring we now supply and support Advantech products/solutions. Looking for an industrial PC, or to integrate your systems to the IoT era contact us today.

    Automation Repair & Breakdown

    Automation BreakdownExtension automation repair and breakdown support for all automation systems. Experienced technical team is available providing onsite service, pre-planned preventive maintenance and on-going technical support.

    • On-Site Support
    • Breakdown Assistance
    • Machinery Repairs
    • Preventative Maintenance


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