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Lenze 8200 Frequency Inverter

Lenze 8200 Vector Frequency InvertersThe module range of Lenze 8200 vector frequency inverters in the power range from 0.25 to 90 kW provide a complete and consistent solutions with everything needed to facilitate operation, handling, diagnostics and communication. Pluggable function modules can be used to integrate the Lenze 8200 vector into the control and automation world.

The compact dimensions of the Lenze 8200 vector saves tremendous amounts of space in the control cabinet. This inverter comes with customised cooling concepts via push through technique and cold plate techniques variations. For operation, there is the choice of using either the plug in Keypad XT operating module or a PC running user friendly Global drive control easy operator software.

The devices for 400 V mains voltage are optionally available with the integrated "safe torque off" safe standstill) function from 3 kW upwards.

Lenze L-Force 8400 TopLine Inverter Drive

Lenze 8400 Top Line Frequency InverterThe Lenze 8400 TopLine inverter drive is recommended for storage and retrieval units or pick and place applications. Fully equipped with everything needed for dynamic response and a high degree of precision; the Lenze 8400 TopLine can solve servo application problems with outstanding performance and efficiency. In addition, to a resolver input, there is also a multiple encoder input, that optimally supplements the spectrum of feedback system that can be used. The integrated axis bus easily implements electrical shaft and electronic gearboxes.

Lenze 9300 Vector Inverter Drive

The Lenze 9300 vector range of vector controlled frequency inverters is ideal for complex applications such as those found in dosing, filling and feeder systems as well as on winding drives. Functions blocks can be connected in accordance with user requirements enables the frequency inverter to behave like a PLC and take over open loop and closed loop control functions; in addition to managing the actual drive task. This function relives the burden on and the need for higher level controllers.

Main Features of Lenze 9300 Vector

  • An easy-to-use interface facilitates operation
  • Predefined basic configurations speed up commissioning
  • High-performance standard product combines with a perfectly matched range of accessories
  • Power range between 0.37 and 90 kW

Lenze SMV IP31 Frequency Inverters

Lenze SM Vector Inverter DriveThe Lenze SMV IP31 frequency inverters are variable speed drives with simple operation and high sensor less vector performance in a power range between 0.25 to 30kW. The Lenze SMVector NEMA 1 (IP31) is the most common and cost effective drive enclosure for a wide range of applications including packaging, material handling, conveying positive displacement pumping, and HVAC systems.

The Lenze SMV IP31 has fast dynamic torque response, sophisticated auto tuning and impressive low speed operations they meet most variable speed requirements.

Lenze SMV IP31 Inverter

  • 240V ac 1 phase supply, 3 phase output 0.37 to 2.2kW
  • 400-480V ac 3 phase supply 0.37 to 30kW
  • 120V ac 1 phase supply with voltage doubler 3 phase output 0.37 to 1.1kW
  • on request models for 240V 3 phase input up to 7.5kW, and 600V supply

Lenze SMV IP65 Enclosed Frequency Inverter

Lenze SM Vector IP65 Inverter DriveThe Lenze SMV IP65 frequency inverters are sensor less vector variable speed drives in a power range from 0.37 to 22kw, suitable for tough conditions. Lenze SMV IP65 frequency inverters can be wall mounted in dusty, dirty and damp environments, even with low pressure jets, saving panel space and cost.

The SMV IP65 inverter is available in two different enclosure material for indoor only use and for indoor/outdoor use. These rugged enclosure options are ideal for numerous industries including the food & beverage, waste water, chemical metering & processing and pharmaceuticals.

SMV IP65 Inverter Range

  • 240V ac 1 phase supply, 3 phase output 0.37 to 2.2kW
  • 400-480V ac 3 phase supply 0.37 to 22kW
  • 120V ac 1 phase supply with voltage doubler 3 phase output 0.37 to 1.1kW
  • on request models for 240V 3 phase input up to 7.5kW and 600V supply

Lenze SMD Frequency Inverter

Lenze SMD Frequency Inverter DriveLenze SMD frequency inverters require just three face mounted operator buttons and a handful of parameters make installing the SMD inverter simplistic and easy to use. Parameter settings can be saved on the unique EPM module and copied to other drives of the same range as many times as required. The SMD inverter comes with integrated motor overload protection and a microprocessor to calculate speed control. The SMD inverter also features current limiting with frequency reduction for stable operation.

The SMD inverter support operation between 0.25 and 22 kW. The SMD inverter series was designed to address the needs of a simple V/Hz drive that was suited for the global marketplace. The SMD inverter drives are consistent with the Lenze 8200 inverter drives in their design and packaging concepts and are manufactured to comply with standard for industrial automation.

The Lenze SMD inverter drive with basic I/O is an IP20 enclosed drive available from 0.25kW to 4kW for input voltage of 200/230V 1or 3 phase.

The Lenze SMD with full I/O is an IP20 enclosed drive available from 0.37 to 22kW for input voltage of 200/230V 1 or 3 phase and 400/480 VAC 3-phase.

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