Omron G9SE Safety Relay

Save Space and Reduce Installation Time

  Omron G9SE

Slim-size safety relay unit family

  • Save installation time with simple front wiring using screw-less terminals
  • 15ms Max. response time
  • Certification for lift standard EN 81-1, EN 81-2
  • Up to PLe according to EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL 3 according to EN 61508
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Compact Safety Relays

G9SE-201 - Safety relay unit 24VDC 2 safety O/P 5A max aux O/P

G9SE-401 - Safety relay unit 24VDC 4 Safety o/p 5A max aux o/p

G9SE-221-T05 - Safety relay unit 24VDC 4 safety o/p 5a max (2+2 with 5s OFF-delay) aux o/p

G9SE-221-T30 - Safety relay unit 24VDC 4 safety o/p 5a max (2+2 with 30s OFF-delay) aux o/p

  Omron G9SE
  • Accepts contact and PNP input types from external safety devices.
  • Highly visible LED indicators provide fast diagnostic information.
  • Screw less terminals are clearly labeled for quick wiring.
  • Adjustable off-delay model adds flexibility for fine tuning.
  • Slim design for tight/small installation spaces.
  • Auxiliary output for control monitoring.

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Trapped Key Exchange System - SKORPION

All NEW Key Exchange System from IDEM Safety Switches

Available to order now!

New IDEM SKORPION Trapped Key Exchange System available in either Stainless Steel 316 or mirror finished Die Cast Metal.

Provides extremely robust mechanical coded key safeguarding and interlocking for hazardous machinery.

For more information on the Skorpion Trapped Key Systems download the product overview guide here.



Trapped Key System Example


  • No reduction of integrity due to the distance between movable guard and control system.
  • High mechanical integrity, robust fixings and holdings suitable for all types of guards.
  • Eliminates the need for electrical wiring to each movable guard.
  • Available in Stainless Steel 316 - suitable for harsh or hostile conditions.
  • Also available in mirror finished Die Cast metal.
  • Stainless Steel suitable for CIP and SIP cleaning processes.
  • All keys coded in the factory and virtually impossible to override.
  • Prevents shortcuts by using a logical set of procedures

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New IE3 Ready Motors & Switchgear


New IE3 Ready Motors & Switchgear

Are you ready for IE3?

As part of ErP directive, (energy related products) motor manufacturers are required to make their products suit IE3 standards (premium efficiency).

Eaton IE3 Motors & Switchgear

To comply with new ErP requirements, Eaton has made a variety of motor design changes to optimise their product range.

This white paper from Eaton explains the change in more detail.
Click here to download it

High efficiency motors now have higher inductance levels.

The new higher efficiency IE3 motors have a lower running current however have a higher inrush current in some cases +20%. To counter this Eaton switchgear such as contactors and motor protective circuit breakers have been modified.

To check that your products are up to IE3 standards they will carry the IE3 logo accordingly.

Both the contactors in the DIL<150A series and the motor-protective circuit-breakers in the PKZ and PKE <65A product lines are perfect choices for safely operating IE3 motors.

For more information about IE3 standards for Motors & Switchgear products and how this might affect you contact More Control today.

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Eaton IE3 Standards

Fastest ever industrial compact vision system

Xpectia FH Vision Controller The FH Vision System is specifically intended for PLCs, motion controllers, and robotics meeting the needs of highspeed manufacturing machinery.

Ideal for OEM’s, Machine Builders, System Integrators in Packaging, Material Handling, Semi and Automotive.

  • Reduced machine cycle time up to 75%
  • Connection up to 8 cameras, makes the system configuration easy and more competitive
  • Integration into customers machine is really easy and fast done
  • High-precision operation by the new vision algorithm: Shape search III
  • Fully compatible with Sysmac Studio Automation Software

Download the FH Vision System product datasheet here.

FH vision systems featuring a new and exceptionally efficient vision algorithm, high-speed image bus, four-core processing and fast EtherCAT communications. The system also offers the flexibility of a PC-based vision system for easy customization and HMI integration.

For pricing and availability or if you have a vision application in mind contact us at:

More Control (UK) Ltd: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Eaton Bulkhead Interface Device M22-USB-SA


Eaton Bulkhead Interface Device M22-USB-SA


Eaton M22-USB-SAIdeal for Panel Mounting and Communicating with devices from the panel to the outside world

The Eaton M22-USB-SA bulkhead interface provides a socket connection for routing a USB 2.0 cable through a bulkhead including a 2 foot USB cable on the back side.

A cap provides Ingress Protection (IP) 65 against dust and liquids in the closed position.

  • USB socket for use in routing a USB 2.0 cable through a bulkhead
  • Locking nut secures socket to bulkhead
  • 2' long USB 2.0 cable attached to the socket back side
  • Socket cap for protection against dust and liquids when closed
  • Requires 22 mm diameter hole in bulkhead

This bulkhead interface is suitable for outdoor use, such as for a computer peripheral connection.

Control Panel Building Services

From initial design, conception, right through to system integration and installation, More Control offers a complete panel building service

  • Modify and design control system
  • Materials list
  • Manufacturing to customer Specification
  • Documentation provided
  • CAD drawing support
  • Onsite installation

Manufactured to the highest standards, if you are in need of a control panel or parts for panel building contact More Control with your application needs.

Find out more here

For pricing & availability details available from:-

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