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Omron Compact | Micro PLC

Omron Micro PLC Omron Industrial Automation: is a globally recognised manufacturer of industrial automation control systems and equipment, electronic components, automotive electronics, healthcare products and public transportation equipment.


Omron Compact / Micro PLC's are ideal for small machine control. Omron compact PLC's are built with high speed counter functions and pulse outputs. The compact Omron PLC is designed for applications for simple positioning and speed control.

Omron CP1L Compact PLC

Omron CP1L Compact PLC

With the introduction of the Omron CP1L, users can enjoy the benefits of a smart platform technology even in the basic ranges, at a low cost.

The Omron CP1L PLC offers a wide variety of built in functions, expanding application capabilities and shortening design times required for a growing number of increasingly complex machine control needs. Save on space and money with this low cost PLC range.

The Omron CP1L PLC series offers the compactness of a micro PLC with the capability of a modular PLC. The Omron CP1L provides all the functional needs to control machines, including outstanding positioning capability and control. The Omron CP1L comes with 14, 20, 30 or 40 I/O built in and can be expanded with a wide range of CP1W or CPM1A expansion units of up to 160 I/O points.

The Omron CP1L uses a standard USB port for programming and monitoring and offers two optional plug-in serial communication ports. The Omron CP1L series shares the same architecture as the CP1H, CJ1 and CS1 series programs and is compatible for memory allocation and instructions.

Main Features:

  • 4 high-speed encoder inputs and 2 high-speed pulse outputs
  • Instruction set compatible with CP1H, CJ1, and CS1 series PLC
  • Optional RS232C and RS-422A/485 serial ports
  • USB programming port
  • Advanced Motion functions


Omron CP1E Compact PLC

Omron CP1E Compact PLC

The Omron CP1E PLC is designed to meet the wide range of needs of manufacturers requiring high performance and advanced functionality at an economical price.

The Omron compact PLC CP1E provides an exceptional solution for automating small and compact machines. The strengths of the Omron CP1E Compact PLC unit lies in its simplicity, compactness and economical value, making it ideal for cost effective automation solutions. Part of the Lean Automation concept; this low cost PLC fits into stand-alone machines or modules within a larger machine.

Main Features:

  • 6 high-speed counter inputs and 2 high speed pulse outputs
  • Instruction set upwards compatible with CP1H, CJ1, and CS1
  • ptional RS232C and RS-422/485 serial ports for N-type application model
  • Simple motion functions including Modbus-RTU simple master

To buy the Omron CP1E Micro PLC & other control systems contact More Control on: 0345 00 00 400.


Omron CP1H Compact PLC

Omron CP1H (All in One PLC)

Omron CP1H is designed for compact machines. The Omron CP1H combines the compactness of a micro PLC with the power of a modular PLC. Four built in high speed counters and four pulse outputs are ideal for multi axis positioning control. The CP1H is suitable for simple loop control, using the PLC advanced PID control function with auto-tuning.

The CP1H comes with 4 analogue inputs and 2 analogues outputs built in. The CP1H can be expanded with CPM1 I/O's and support up to CJ1 special I/O units. The CP1H is open to popular fieldbuses and support all communication units of the CJ1 series.

Main Features

  • Up to 1 MHz for inputs/outputs
  • CJ1M-compatible instruction set and execution speed
  • 4 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs for the XA model
  • USB port for easy communication, programming and configuration
  • Supports Profibus, DeviceNet, CAN and Ethernet


Omron CPM1A Compact PLC

CPM1A (Compact & Economical)

The CPM1A sets a standard for micro PLC's. The CPM1A includes all the basic functions of a PLC into a compact size. Four CPU variant sizes are available, each with the choice of AC or DC power, relay or transistor outputs. With the Omron CPM1A users can select any combination of power supplies, outputs and the number of I/O points to meet any industrial requirement.

Main Features:

  • Ultra compact
  • Wide range of models; AC/DC, 10 - 40 I/O, relay/sink/source outputs
  • Pulse I/O functions built in
  • Easy connection to HMI terminal
  • Digital, analog, and fieldbus expansion units


Omron CPM2A Compact PLC

Omron CPM2A (Universal Machine Controller)

The Omron CPM2A, CPU comes equipped with an RS-232C interface as a standard to provide easy connection to a programmable terminal for fast and easy machine monitoring, setpoint adjustment etc. The Omron CMP2A provides simple positioning with pulse I/O functions. Removable terminal blocks ensure easy maintenance. The CPM2A uses the same expansion I/O units as the CPM1A for easy and economical sharing of system components.

Main Features:

  • Real-time clock function
  • 20 to 60 digital I/O with removable terminal blocks
  • 20 kHz counter input, two 10 kHz pulse outputs integrated
  • Two communication ports built-in, freely accessible
  • Digital, analog, and fieldbus expansion units



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