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Omron Machine Automation Controllers

Omron Automation ControllerThe Omron NJ Automation Machine Controller provides complete machine control through one singular connection and software; integrating the concepts of motion, sequencing and motion, all in one compact and robust device. Providing flexibility and scalability without compromising on reliability is at the heart of the Omron NJ controller. Designed to meet extreme machine control requirements, the Omron NJ series can be adapted to suit any end user requirements. Configurable with Omron's software solution (Sysmac Studio) the NJ series allows complete control, programming, simulation and monitoring.

Omron Motion Controllers

Omron Servo DriveWhether it is stand-alone, PLC based or servo based motion controller, Omron can provide the right choice. Omron motion controllers provide programming simplicity and integration without compromising on system performance, varying from 1 to 256 axes. Functions such as axis interpolation, master-slave, e-cam and multi axis synchronisation over conventional I/O's or a robust digital servo-link are all readily available.



Omron Servo Systems

Omron Servo DriveThe Omron range of servo systems provides a unique offering in high dynamic performance in the most compact sizes. Excelling in reliability, Omron servo systems are installed worldwide. From servo drives to rotary and linear servo motors, Omron offers the ideal motion and control solutions, whatever the requirements.




Omron Frequency Inverters

Omron MX2 Inverter DriveThe Omron frequency inverters range are specifically designed to drive machines. Omron inverters have been developed to harmonise motor and machine control. Suitable for numerous industrial and automation application, Omron inverters range from general purpose inverters up to 400kW. Thanks to the advanced design of Omron inverters, they provide smooth control down to zero speed, plus precise operation for fast cyclic operations and torque control capability in open and closed loop configuration.

With a combination of standard and optional I/O's Omron frequency inverters available, Omron inverters are one of the most commonly used inverters in Europe.

Omron SCARA Robots

Omron SCARA Robots Omron SCARA Robots with a reach and payload range from 120 mm to 1200 mm and from 1 Kg to 50 Kg, allow for precise and accurate adjustment to suit end user applications. Special versions such as clean room and dust drip proof types enable installation in critical environments for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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