Omron HMI

Omron Human Machine Interface (HMI)

NA Series HMI

Integrated HMI Control

Next generation of Machine Interface

The NA Series of HMI is dynamic, intuitive and predictive making industrial machines more competitive.

The Omron HMI enables faster, more efficient control and monitoring and a more proactive mix between operator and machine. Using Omron’s sysmac software allows users to simply and flexibly create sophisticated user interfaces.

Main Features

  • Widescreen in all models: 7, 9, 12, and 15 inches
  • More than 16 million color display for all models and 1280 x 800 high resolution display for the 12 and 15-inch models
  • Multimedia including video and PDF
  • 2 Ethernet ports capable of simultaneous access from both the control device and maintenance segments by separating the segments
  • Sysmac Studio providing an Integrated Development Environment
  • NJ variables sharing in the NA project and NA application testing with the NJ program via the Simulator to reduce development time
  • Many security features including operation authority settings and execution restrictions with IDs
  • Microsoft Visual Basic for versatile, flexible and advanced programming

Omron Compact HMI

NQ Series HMI Omron Compact HMI Series the NB & NQ series offer easy to use and economic designs from 3.5 inch up to 5.7 inch sizes.

The NB HMI series provides a simply and smart solution, feature rich for use with the CP1 series of compact PLC’s.

The NQ HMI series is suitable for a wide variety of applications from simple semi-automatic packaging machines up to bigger in-line packaging or filling machines.

Omron NQ5 Series HMI

The NQ5 series is parts of Omron’s compact series HMI terminals which offer users several features with best quality graphical display in even the smallest touch screen.

Omron PC Based HMI

Omron PC Based HMIThe Omron PC Based HMI DyaloX industrial PC (NSA) is specifically created for 24/7 operation, setting new standards in reliability in the most demanding industrial environments.

The exceptional reliability of this HMI is achieved via a total concept starting at the design stage right through to the production and final inspection. The DyaloX HMI uses the highest level of industrial grade components to ensure that all parts can withstand the extremes of industrial environments.

The DyaloX Panel IPC is available with different CPUs an expandable 600 MHz models and a 1.3 GHz model for high performance applications. Both models offer a choice 12" and 15" touch panels.

Main Features:

  • Reliable 24/7 operation even in the harshest conditions
  • Industrial-grade 600 MHz or 1.3 GHz Intel Celeron CPU
  • Fan-less design and reliable silicon storage up to 8GB
  • High-quality touch screen with two front-mounted USB ports
  • 3 year warranty, 5 year availability, 7 year repair service

Omron HMI & Control

Omron NSJ12 HMI The Omron Sysmac One series is a combination of a NS series HMI (ranging from 5.7-12.1"), a choice of two powerful CJ1 series PLC', an optional Ethernet interface and a standard second network interface.

Omron NSJ12 HMI

This model features 256 colours (32,768 for image data), two USB connections for downloading or printing and optional Ethernet. The product is combined with a CJ1G-CPU 45H and a DeviceNet or Profibus interface fitted into a compact housing occupying less panel space than the separate products. The Sysmac One is completely transparent, so the PLC, network (including field devices) and HMI can be accessed via a single port. A great advantage when servicing your machine remotely.

Main Features:

  • HMI + PLC with 2 separate CPUs for greater reliability
  • Transparent architecture for easy remote maintenance
  • Compact design occupying less panel space
  • Flexible and cost-effective solution with multiple screen sizes, CPUs & networks
  • Smart Active Parts for easy connection to field devices

Omron Scalable HMI

Omron NS12 HMI The Omron NS Series is a scalable HMI which covers a large range from 5.7 inch Monochrome STN to 15 inch colour TFT. These HMI's are easily programmed with a single piece of software and offer advanced features, numerous communication possibilities including Ethernet, very good synergy with PLC devices, an extremely flat design and a backlight life up to 75,000 hours.

Omron NS12 HMI

The Omron NS12 HMI model offers 256 colours (32,768 for image data, two USB connections for downloading or printing and an optional Ethernet, Controller Link and Video Board. A major advantage of the Omron NS is that its makes use of Omron's Smart Active Parts (SAP) to save on time when configuring, commissioning and maintaining a machine. Smart Active Parts are pre-programmed, pre-tested visualisation objects with embedded communication code, bringing a simplistic drag and drop to HMI design.

Main Features:

  • Perfect clarity and fast switching screens
  • Extremely long backlight life (up to 75,000 hours)
  • Support all European languages, Asian and Cyrillic
  • Easy data logging on compact flash
  • Large Memory size (60 MB)

Omron Function Key HMI

Omron NT11 HMI Text based function keys are available in two or four lines. Function key screens are suitable for applications in harsh environments such as gluing or painting stations. They are also recommended for simple use and where numerical data entry is frequent.

Omron NT11 HMI

The NT11 is a Function key HMI with four text lines that can each hold up to 20 characters. It has a parallel printer connection next to a serial port for connection to a PLC. It has a LED backlight that has a life expectancy of at least 50,000 hours.

Main Features:

  • Easy programming software.
  • Small size and installation depth.
  • Customisable F-Keys
  • Printer connection.
  • Cost effective solution.

Omron NT2S HMI

Omron NT2S HMI The NT2S is the smallest HMI that we can offer you. It is based on a 16 x 2 lines LCD display with 6 or 20 Function keys. It offers IP65 protection, an optional RTC and printer connection.

  • Easy and free programming software.
  • Small size and installation depth.
  • Real Time Clock (depending on model).
  • Printer connection (depending on model).
  • Cost effective solution.

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