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Automated Art Umbrella Promotional Marketing Solution

An automated umbrella to solve a marketing solution. More Control offers yet another Automated art solution, working in partnership with leading designers.

Pick to Light System

Pick to Light System For Manual Assembly Processes

New capacitive button illuminated pick to light system for manual assembly processes

Murr Mico 24vdc Electronic Circuit Protection

Murr Mico 24vdc Electronic Circuit Protection

Mico the intelligent power distribution system.

Barcode Verifier

Demonstration of the use of a Barcode Verifier to ensure barcodes meet stringent retail standards.

Bar Code Recognition System

Bar Code Recognition System

Large Production Counter & Rate Meter

Large Production Counter and Rate Meter

Omron E3ZM Sensor Test

E3ZM Sensor Test December 2013
Professor Joe Williamson testing durability and effectiveness.


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