Baumer Group - Sensors Solutions & Motion Control

baumer sensors

Baumer Ltd is a leading manufacturer of sensors, motion control products, process instrumentation products and vision technologies.

Baumer products are able to provide precise measurements of the smallest objects at extremely high speeds with confidence (even in harsh industrial environments).

The Baumer product range offers inductive sensors, photoelectric sensors, ultrasonic sensors, capacitive sensors, encoders, level measurement, industrial camera and accessories. Baumer products can typically be seen in chemical, energy, food & beverage, graphic machinery, engineering and robotics.

Baumer are able to supply automation solutions which range from simple positioning sensors and measuring to complex industrial solutions with intelligent image processing systems. Baumer have established themselves as a supplier of innovative and high class quality sensor products for applications in factory and process automation.

The Baumer product range is segmented in five diversified categories:

  • Sensor Solutions
  • Motion Control
  • Vision Technologies
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Gluing Systems