More Control Automation Machine Safety

More Control Automation Machine Safety Complete Machine & Factory Safety is paramount to maintaining a stable manufacturing process.

Machine Safety and a Safe working environment for employees are not only a legal requirement but a moral obligation. Correct CE marking and a full risk assessment is required on all machines to comply with machine safety standards.

For professional advice and guidance on machine safety products and equipment, More Control's engineering team provide support on all aspects of automation machine safety.


Machine Safety Products & Applications

More Control is able to supply a wide range of machine safety products in the following fields:

  • Safety Sensors
  • Safety Relays
  • Light Barriers
  • Light Curtains
  • Mechanical safety switches
  • Programmable safety switches
  • Patlite Signal Towers


More Control Machine Safety Projects

More Control Automation Machine Safety

For many, interpreting and implementing the correct European rules and regulations can be a complex and time consuming task.

To ensure that your machines and production lines work in accordance with up to date regulations, More Control guides it's customers through the maze and provide cost effective solutions form the manufacturers of machine safety products:

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