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More Control Industrial NetworkingManaging data efficiently is now become essential for maintaining the continual smooth running of machines and production lines.

As a specialist for automation and networking technology, More Control has developed a range of innovative automation solutions geared toward customers needs.

Industrial Networking includes integrating factory floor industrial networks and process plant floor network with company wide network systems.

For many companies, manufacturers and machine builders, the continual usage and operation of machines will potentially leave the shop floor littered with numerous devices that are sending out all kinds of data across various protocols.

To remain efficient and in control of operations, companies require more control over their data in a manageable secure network, to allow fluid communication integration.

Industrial Ethernet protocols come in numerous different varieties when it comes to high speeds, applications and compatibilities. Industrial networking from More Control is based around the design and implementation of practical industrial networked systems and control systems for integrators and machine builders.

For more information about the Industrial Networking Solutions and communication applications, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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