Murr Elektronik

Murr Elektronik Connectors & Cables Control Gear

Murr Elektronik Industrial Automation

Murr Elektronik Ltd: is one of the worlds leading manufacturers in the field of industrial automation.

From singular components to complete system solutions, Murr Elektronik focuses on optimising control measuring and monitoring of machines, installations and production lines.

All of Murr Elektronik's products are designed and manufactured in-house to the very latest standards with Murr Elektronik being ISO 9001 certified.

Founded in 1983, Murr Elektronik Ltd UK has over the years built of a comprehensive range of technical solutions from their vast array of automation products.

It the goal of Murr Elektronik to reduce overall customer costs, reduce operational downtime and improve the availability of machine systems. Murr Elektronik products and automation systems in the electrical installation of machines offer complete integrated systems which are cost effective and efficient.

Murr Elektronik Product Ranges

  • Bus systems
  • Sensor / Actuator Connectors
  • I/O Systems
  • Power Supplies & Transformers
  • Relays & Opto Couplers
  • Panel interfaces
  • Valve Connectors
  • Mains Filters
  • Suppression Devices



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