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One of the most important developing areas in automation technology is the innovation of practical automation applications.

Traditionally, automated applications have carried out quite simple tasks in factories. At most, devices doming simple tasks could be joined together after proper coordination to execute more challenging activities. By contrast, Modern automation applications are able to work in unison, to integrate all factory tasks and production lines in a complete optimised manner.

More Control believes in providing efficient, quality automation applications which can help increase the efficiency of production lines and cut costs in the running and maintaining of machinery.

From simple part modifications to complete automation systems, More Control provides a custom automation service to all aspects of automation.


For more information about automation applications, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400 to discuss your required application specifications.

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  • Counting Automation Applications
  • Custom Automation Applications
  • Lighting Automation Applications
  • Power & Control Automation Applications
  • Readers & Detection Automation Applications
  • Vision & Sensor Automation Applications

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