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More Control Automation Product Tracking In modern production & manufacturing, most business operations are highly automated with high degrees of volume and rapid production.

To guarantee high levels of quality and to comply with current production safety regulations, it is paramount that all products off the line can be effectively tracked and traced from start to finish. In particular food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries require total product traceability.

With correct product tracking & traceability tools, production lines can be accurately monitored via a tracking number, base part number, sorted part number, car, pass / fail status, location and ID number. A unique tracking number is also referred to individual production lines.

In the event of a potential error, any item can be accurately tracked back through the line to where it originally came from.


Benefits of Product Tracking & Traceability

  • Ability to determine the real time location of any products or lot items.
  • Acquire complete accurate production counts at any location in the production process to help point out any failure, detection or bottlenecks.
  • Can test immediate failure rates of production items with precise tracking.

More Control provides a complete range of effective product tracking & traceability systems and application across all aspects of industry. From initial sensing detection to barcode verification applications, right to complete production line monitoring systems.


Sensing: Product Tracking & Product Traceability

An effective product tracking system will help maintain customer confidence and production efficiency of your machinery. More Control can provide you with an ideal automation and product tracking solution for the following:

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