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Human Machine Interface


HMI’s (Human Machine Interfaces) and industrial touch screens perfection in image clarity and unparalleled reliability. From scalable HMI series to compact touch screens and function-key types. Wide range of HMI solutions for any industrial application use to complex integrated HMI machine control solutions.

Sub categories

Compact HMI

Compact HMI series for easy to use and cost effective HMI terminals available from 3.5 inch up to 10 inch sizes. Compact HMIs offer many useful features and a good quality display making them ideal for numerous different applications from simple semi-automatic packaging machines up to a bigger in-line packaging or filling machines.

Function-key HMI

Function-key HMI text based function keys are available in two or four lines. Function key screens suitable for applications in harsh environments such as gluing or painting stations. Ideal for simple use and where numerical data entry is frequent.

HMI & Control

HMI & Control series is a combination of a NS series HMI from 5.7-12.1”, a choice of two powerful CJ1 Series PLCs, and Ethernet interface and a standard second network interface. Extra functionality options such as second Ethernet interface or I/O extensions available.

Integrated HMI

Integrated HMI’s for machine interfaces as part of the Sysmac Platform. With widescreen products from 7-15inch and bright 24bit colour TFT. Integrated HMIs (NA Series) is the perfect partner for the NJ Sysmac Controller and automation platform.

PC Based HMI

PC Based HMI industrial PCs created specifically for 24/7 operation, setting new standards in reliability even in the most demanding industrial environments. Exceptional reliability is achieved via a total concept starting at design through to production, assembly and final inspection. Ideal use in industrial environments using only top components to ensure performance and reliability.

Scalable HMI

Scalable HMI series covers a large range from 5.7inch TFT to 15 inch colour TFT. Easily programmed with a single piece of software offering advanced features, many communication possibilities including Ethernet, very good synergy with PLCs and devices, an extremely flat design and a backlight life of up to 75000 hours.

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