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Delta Robot Series

Delta Robot Series

The fastest picking system integrated in the Sysmac platform

The Delta solution can achieve up to 200 cycles per minute and can be synchronised with multiple conveyors to perform on-the-fly Pick & Place operations. There are 3 types of Delta robot arms available as Washdown, Delta and Mini Delta robot. The NJ controller offers a response time of 2 ms when controlling 8 Delta robots or 1 ms when controlling 4 robots.

  • Control of up to 8 robots by one controller
  • Degrees of freedom: 3 + 1 (rotational axis optional)
  • Up to 200 cycle per minute
  • Model range from 450 to 1600 mm working range
  • Payload range: 1 to 8 kg
  • IP class range: IP65, IP67, IP69K
  • New anti collision detection: This optional function allows you to increase the safety on your machine by detecting dangerous and unexpected shocks on the gripper.
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Delta Robots Datasheet
Delta Robot CR_UGD4 Series User Manual
Delta Robot XL CR_UGD4 XL Users Manual
Delta Robot XXL-1300 CR_UGD4_XXL1300H Series Users Manual
Delta Robot XXL 1600 CR_UGD4_XXLH Series Users Manual
Pick Place Application Brochure
Pick Place Solutions Product Brochure
Sysmac Automation Platform Product Brochure
Washdown Delta Robot IP69K CR_UGD4_HD Series Users Manual
Washdown Delta Robots IP67 R6Y3 Series Host Connection Manual
Washdown Delta Robots IP67 R6Y3 Series Technical Manual
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