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More Control Barcode Confirmation Application Any manufacturer using barcodes on their products should be concerned with the following issues:

  • Confirmation that the correct barcode label is applied
  • Confirmation that a product is in the correct packaging
  • Check that the barcode is readable

It is relatively common for incidents of incorrect labels of packaging to occur on product changeover or packaging end of reel.

Printers may fail, smudge or print faded barcodes that are not readable at POS.

Labels can be applied incorrectly or fall off throughout the packaging process.

As an industry based on precision, any errors of faults with a barcode reader now usually leads to customers imposing fines or penalty points on suppliers.

The More Control Automation Solution

More Control can supply an off the shelf solution to solves these common issues, that is cost effective, easy to install and can be configured for new barcodes in seconds by an unskilled operator.

A high specification industrial barcode reader is interfaced with our dedicated evaluation unit.

This practical automation solution has grown from working closely with several large end user companies to achieve a system that meets their barcode checking criteria and is practical for rapid product changeover. The Barcode reader allows you to configure and customise the settings to ensure quality precision when confirming packaging and labels, eliminating errors or inaccuracies when reading barcodes.

To configure a new barcode, an operator simply presents the label or packet to the reader and presses a teach button, which will configure to register the new barcode.

Upon receipt of a trigger signal, the reader checks for the specific barcode. If the correct barcode is detected, a green indicator will flash and a solid state output will pulse. If no code is read (poor quality / missing) or the incorrect barcode is detected, a read indictor will flash and the reject output will pulse. This system can be used to operate your reject mechanism, to stop the machine or just alert an operator.

The evaluation unit is supplied in an IP65 stainless steel enclosure suitable for use in food and pharmaceutical environments. The barcode reader is an industrial construction also rated to IP65.

If you have a barcode application or reader detection system that you wish to have designed or developed, feel free to contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400 with your required specifications and we can provide discuss the ideal detection system to suit your business needs.

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