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Meech Static EliminationMeech Air Technology offers a complete range of compressed air equipment and industrial energy saving & energy efficient devices with significant noise reduction and cost savings.

The Meech range of Air Technologies includes Blowguns and Blowgun accessories, Energy Saving Safety Nozzles, High Thrust Jets, Air Amplifiers, Air Curtains, Vortex Tubes, Cabinet Coolers & Coldstream Air Guns.

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Air Curtains

Meech Air Curtains provides an efficient blade of compressed air for a wide area blow-off and air drying applications. The Meech Air Curtain releases a small volume of compressed air through a .002” (.0508mm) slot along its entire length.

The blade of compressed air travels down the face of the Air Curtain generating an area of low pressure behind it that entrains ambient air at a ratio of up to 25:1 delivering a massive airflow to the target. The Meech Air Curtain offer compressed air saving of up to 70%; when used to replace drilled or slotted lengths of pipe which consume vast volumes of compressed air.

Air Amplifiers

Meech Air Amplifiers provide large airflows whilst consuming a minimal volume of compressed air. Meech Air Amplified are ideal for either sucking or blowing applications and use a minimal amount of compressed air. Air Amplifiers are available in Stainless Steel and Aluminium and comes in 3 sizes. Meech Air Amplifiers are brass High Thrust Jets.

Vortex Tubes & Coolers

Meech Vortex Tubes & Coolers convert compressed air into two airflows, one extremely hot and the other extremely cold. Vortex tubes have no moving parts and can produce a drop in temperature up to 60°C below the compressed air temperature.

Meech also offer cabinet Cooler which are used to provide a cold air source to stop cabinets overheating and a Coldstream Air Gun is used to provide a cold air source in many spot cooling applications.

Energy Saving Safety Blowgun

Meech Energy Saving Safety Blowguns combine an ergonomic lightweight aluminium gun handle with the Meech Energy Saving Safety Nozzle. Meech Blowguns can save users up to 70% of compressed air usage when compared against conventional air guns whilst dramatically reducing noise levels.

Energy Saving Safety Nozzle

Meech Energy Saving Safety Nozzles simply fit to most existing open compressed air pipes and can save up to 70% of compressed air demand whilst also dramatically reducing noise levels.

Meech Energy Saving Nozzles are fully adjustable and are available in both Aluminium and Stainless Steel and come in 2 different thread sizes.

The innovative design of the nozzle forces compresses air through an adjustable circular slot and then directs it at high velocity over the outside of the nozzle cone.

The design amplifies the output airflow by entraining the ambient air at a 25:1 ratio.

If you would like more information about Meech Air Technology products & Air Technology applications, call More Control on 0345 00 00 400

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