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Meech Static EliminationMeech Static Elimination: Established in the field of electrostatic solutions, Meech have for numerous years developed a range of innovative products that are robust, reliable and easy to use. Meech are reputed for their excellence in high quality electrical engineering, specialising in developing electro static control solutions.

Meech Web Cleaning systems deliver increased quality and productivity for continuous webs of plastic or paper. Meech supply a range of contact & non contact web cleaners with integrated anti static controls to neutralize static charges to ensure a cleaner web.

The Meech Web Cleaning product range is developed from more than 200 successful web cleaning installations. Meech Web Cleaning product lines can eliminate static as well as many other cost and energy saving features.

Meech Contact Web Cleaning

The Meech contact Web Cleaning range is suitable for use in a variety of industries and applications.


The Meech TakClean contact web cleaning system is developed primarily for use in the label and narrow web markets to remove dry, un-bonded contamination from a moving web.

TakClean incorporate elastomer contact cleaning rollers and a perforated adhesive roll which makes the TakClean an effective elastomer based web cleaning application.

Tornado F4 & F5

Meech Tornado F4 & F5 contact Web Cleaning systems utilise Meech's contact Web Cleaning manifold combined with either a compact extraction unit or vacuum fan unit.

The Tornado manifold includes highly polished stainless steel faceplates which create turbulence to break the boundary layer, twin ionising bars to neutralise static charges on the web on entry and exit to the manifold and brushes to aid break up of the boundary layer.

Non Contact Web Cleaning

The Meech range of Non Contact Web Cleaners eliminate the risk of surface marking and damage, as there is no interference with web tension or web tracking. (Suitable for both single and double sided web cleaning)


The Meech ShearClean Web Cleaning System is an innovative patented system which utilizes well established aerodynamic and fluid dynamic technologies to achieve the very highest levels of cleaning efficiency without the need for physical contact.

If you require a web cleaning application or need an effective way to control & eliminate static, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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