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Lenze Servo DrivesLenze UK Ltd is a specialist in the field of drive and automation equipment. Lenze incorporates a product range which includes frequency inverters, servo drives and motor clutches, industrial PC, connection technology and engineering software.

Lenze High Line 9400 Servo Drives

Lenze 9400 High Line Servo DriveThe Lenze High Line 9400 servos delivers intelligence to the drive and is innovatively designed for decentralised motion control applications.

The Lenze High Line 9400 servos have two extension slots for communication modules (e.g Ethernet) or extension modules and one slot for a memory and safety modules, making the device perfectly to suit end user application needs.

The Lenze High Line 9400 is suitable for:

  • Table positioning
  • Positioning sequence control
  • Electronic Gearbox and synchronism with mark synchronisation
  • Actuating drive (speed, torque)

Lenze ECS Servo Systems

Lenze ECS Servo DriveThe ECS servo system works with central supply and axis modules that can be overloaded by 100-220% for output peak currents between 4 and 64 A.

The Lenze ECS servo has been optimised for high dynamic multi axis applications such as those found on feeders and un loaders on industrial handling systems, gantry systems and machine tools as well as in application in the packaging industry.

ECS is supplied as standard with two CAN interfaces. A plug-in communication module provides the link with various additional fieldbus systems. The Lenze ECS servo system is available in version for control cabinet, push through technology and cold plate assembly. A DC bus, which needs no additional DC fuses, ensures rapid assembly in the most confined of spaces.

Lenze Drive Based Safety Modules

Lenze 9400 Servo SafetyLenze 9400 series drive based safety module is the right module for scalable safety functions. The Lenze safety module chosen is inserted in a slot for reserved for safety engineering on the standard device, and the sensor technology used externally is connected up directly to the safety module.

Active and passive safety sensors can be connected up directly using two-channel safe inputs. The modular approach also safeguards future scope for growth and ensures flexibility.

If safety functions are not needed in the application, module SM0 (no safety functions) should be used so that the controller can be released and operated.

Lenze 930 Servo Drives

Lenze 930 Servo DriveThe Lenze intelligent drive 930 servos are well adept for controlling sub processes of machines independently. The Lenze 930 servo inverters are universal and can deliver a power up to 0.6 kW. With Alternative DC Power Supply of 24-48V.

  • Storage of 64 motion function data
  • Single and multi-axis operation
  • Resolver or absolute value encoder feedback
  • CANopen and RS232 Communication
  • Digital and analog inputs/outputs
  • Multi Media Card (MMC)
  • Positioning control
  • Plug and Play Software
  • Optimally Matched Gearbox and Servo Motor programme

Lenze 9300 Servo PLC

Lenze Servo PLC 9300The Lenze 9300 servo PLC is characterised by its outstanding flexibility and its versatility in terms of integration. The Lenze 9300 PLC can be freely programmed using the IEC 61131-3 languages. The Lenze 9300 servo PLC is a variant of the tried and tested 9300 servo inverter series and is available with power ratings from 0.37 to 75 kW.

Direct communication with higher level controls is possible using digital and analogue interfaces as is communication via all the most popular types of fieldbus.

The Lenze 9300 servo PLC is optionally available with integrated “safe torque off” functions (safe standstill) as well.

Lenze 9300 Servo Inverter

Lenze Servo Inverter 9300The Lenze 9300 servo inverter is ideally suited for the independent control of sub processes within a machine.

The Lenze 9300 servo inverter drive can easily be extended with the help of function blocks that can be interconnected as desired; this takes the pressure off the central control and facilitates modular mechanical engineering. The Lenze 9300 servo series can be used universally in the power range 0.37 to 75 kW.

The Lenze 9300 servo inverter drive is also available with the integrated “safe torque off” function. (safe standstill)

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