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PLC Replacement SolutionsMore Control works closely with major PLC manufacturers such as Siemens, Rockwell, Omron and Mitsubishi to provide an effective upgrade or replacement service when a PLC fails.

Working across multi disciplines of PLC units from Micro PLC units to Modular and Rack PLCs, More Control can offer an effective PLC repair solution.

More Control has specialist knowledge of Omron PLC legacy products such as Omron S6, Omron C20, Omron C120, Omron C1000 and Omron CV PLC's.

More Control understands the importance of scalability and are dedicated to providing PLC's with excellent communication and flexibility features for future expansion.


Omron Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Ideal for high processing speed and complete machine control, Omron PLC's provide users with a wide range of functions and control from small scale equipment handling to entire production lines.


More Control's PLC Upgrade Services include:plc upgrade

  • Writing specifications for PLC
  • PLC design, installation & commissioning turnkey solutions
  • PLC modifications
  • PLC validation services
  • PLC training
  • PLC consultancy
  • Legacy system support and migration services
  • Legacy system reverse engineering services
  • Performing FEED and feasibility studies


Many machines which are in service today maybe mechanically sound, however their control components are typically at the end of their life cycle. Micro PLC units and modular PLC controllers can be a problem to repair when components are often obsolete and spares can be extremely difficult to find.

At More Control, we specialise in providing dedicated technical support and care on rectifying and fixing faults on Micro PLC equipment to ensure that machine control components are fully optimized and mechanically sound.

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