Omron Modular PLC

Omron Modular CJ PLC Series

Omron Modular PLC Series Omron Industrial Automation: is a globally recognised manufacturer of industrial automation control systems and equipment, electronic components, automotive electronics, healthcare products and public transportation equipment. 

Omron CJ2M Modular PLC The Omron CJ2M series PLC is ideal for packaging and general machine automation needs. Connectivity of the CJ2M is assured by its built in USB port and choice of Ethernet and RS-232C/422/485 interfaces on the CPU.

Main Features

  • Always accessible through standard USB port
  • Standard Ethernet port with EtherNet/IP Data Link function
  • Wide range of program capacities from 5K steps to 60K steps
  • Serial option board
  • Dedicated function block memory ensures efficient execution of function block software modules


Omron CJ1M Modular PLC

Omron CJ1M Modular PLC The Omron CJ1M PLC is the smallest member of the CJ1 PLC family. Fully upward compatible with the CJ1G/H and CS1 series regarding instruction set, communication commands and memory organisation. With the CJ1M, even small machines can be built in a consistently modular way, reducing the cost to enhance, expand or customise machines without a complete redesign of the main control system.

Main Features

  • Entry-level modular PLC, compatible with CJ1G/H-series
  • CPUs with built-in pulse I/O for fast and easy motion control, or with Ethernet interface for easy integration
  • IEC 61131-3 Structured Text programming, extensive function block libraries
  • Transparent communication routing through different networks
  • CompactFlash memory card slot for data storage and program exchange


Omron CJ1G-P Modular PLC

Omron CJ1G-P Modular PLCThe Omron CJ1G-P Modular PLC is ideally designed for controlling process variables (e.g temperature, pressure, flowrate). Built into the CPU unit together with the engine for executing sequence control, the CJ1G-P delivers high-speed sequence control and high speed, advanced loop control in a single unit.

Main Features

  • Function block programming for easy engineering
  • Seamless integration of sequence control and loop control
  • HMI windows can be simply generated from function blocks automatically
  • Control functions have the added ability to control multiple loops
  • Consolidating the proven CS series loop-control technology
  • Effective maintenance functions
  • Low-cost solution for controlling multiple loops


Omron CJ2H Modular PLC

Omron CJ2H Modular PLC The Omron CJ2H series is ideal for advanced machine automation needs. (Image processing inspection of electrical components and high speed sorting on conveyors).

The CJ2H has special instructions which provide direct data access to high speed analogue I/O units and serial communication units. Position control units can be synchronised for coordinated control of up to 20 axes.

Main Features

  • Always accessible through standard USB support
  • Standard Ethernet port with EtherNet/IP Data Link function
  • High program capacity of up to 400K steps
  • Higher precision for machine operation and processing quality
  • Immediate refreshing of basic I/O ensures real-time processing
  • High data memory capacity of up to 832K words

For more information on the available units & modules which can be installed with the Omron Modular PLC' visit the CJ Series product page.

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