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Moeller Circuit Breakers (NZM)

Moeller NZM Circuit Breakers

Moeller NZM Circuit Breakers provide excellent protection in applications from 5A up to 1200A, with a short circuit breaking capacity of 150kA. Equipped with thermal-magnetic or electronic trip modules, the Moeller NZM covers a wide variety of solutions in just four frame sizes.

UL listed, CSA certified and CCC approved, as well as IEC rated and CE marked, the Moeller NZM breakers are suitable for use anywhere in the world.

Moeller Circuit Breaker Accessories

Moeller NZM Circuit BreakerMoeller NZM Circuit Breakers and molded case switches feature an array of components and accessories which can used on any frame size. The versatility of component accessories reduces the number of parts which invariably means less inventory expense, effort and fewer errors.

Moeller Reliable Protection

The Moeller NZM3 / NZM4 & optionally the NZM2 circuit breakers rely on solid state circuitry for smart electrical circuit protection. Electronic trip breakers are RMS sensing and feature adjustable selective coordination. Short-circuit tripping occurs at the closest possible point to the fault. Built in selectivity protects cables, wiring and devices at all levels, and allows devices upstream from a trip to continue to operate without interruption. The NZM circuit breaker is also able to communicate a continuous stream of information about present statues. Helping enable shorter reaction times for system problems and planning.

Handles and operators

The Moeller NZM operators are durable, ergonomic and come in a variety of choice. Rotary operators can be mounted directly on the NZM or extended through the panel door or wall using operational operating kits. Front-and side-mounted rotary operators are available in black or red and yellow, and are Type 12, and Type 4X rated for secure enclosures in harsh environments.

Moeller NS Molded Switches

Moeller NS Molded Case Switches are rated from 63 to 1200A. These switches use the same fast, snap-action closing mechanism found in NZM circuit breakers, to ensure they work safely under load conditions. Moeller NS Switches include a fixed short-circuit release for self-protection.

Main Features:

  • Molded Case Switches from 15 to 1200A for a variety of applications
  • UL listed; CSA certified and CCC approved; IEC, CE compliant for worldwide use
  • Compact size for efficient use of space
  • Versatile connectivity includes screw terminals, box lugs or barrel lugs
  • Selectivity without add-ons means planning and installation are quicker and easier
  • Different frame sizes share components, simplifying inventory and installation
  • Field-installable accessories for maximum flexibility
  • Broad variety of operator options to meet every need
  • Safety features protect people and equipment

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