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Moeller Rotary Switches & Disconnectors

Moeller An Eaton BrandMoeller Rotary Switches are high performance, robust and compact. The Moeller “T” switch and “P” switch disconnector are used in industry, trade and building engineering applications.

The IP65 degree of protection with top mounting switches and switch front enables usage in harsh environments. Moeller Rotary Switches T and switch-disconnectors P are ATEX approved and enable use in dust explosion hazardous areas.

If you require rotary switches or have a control gear application that you want designed and integrated contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

Areas of Application use:

  • Mills
  • Metal grinding plants
  • Wood processing & wood process areas
  • Cement factories
  • The aluminium industry & foodstuff industry
  • Grain storage & processing facilities
  • Agriculture
  • Pharmaceutical industries

Moeller Mini Rotary Switch TM

Moeller Rotary Switch TMoeller TM Mini Rotary Switches are ideal for small sized applications or where available space is a critical factor. The rating of the Moeller TM to AC23 is 3kW at 400/415V, 50-60Hz. The rated uninterrupted current / is 10A. The mini rotary switch TM is mainly used as an On-Off switch, changeover contact, step switch, control switch, coding switch and control circuit isolator.

Moeller Rotary Switch T

Moeller Rotary Switch T provides a flexible, compact and robust modular system. The ratings of the T switch range from 6.5kW to 132kW with AC23A at 400/415V, 50-60Hz. The rated uninterrupted current / is between 20A and 315A.

Various handle types, shrouds, shaft extension, neutral terminals and keyed operator accessories are available. Red handles and yellow faceplates options are available enabling usage for approved emergency stop switches in all products lines and frame sizes. With up to 22 contacts and 12 switch positions, the T0 handles a wide range of switching tasks.

Application uses for T Rotary Switches include:

  • Star-delta motor starting circuits with or without reversing and with or without a contactor interlock.
  • Motor speed variation (tapped windings) for two, three or four speeds, with or without reversing.
  • Switching a load between two power systems, or connecting one power system to two loads using the same switch.
  • Three-phase motor starting on a single-phase power system with a capacitor.
  • Stepped switching for any required number of loads, with or without a zero position.
  • Ammeter switching for measurement directly or via current transformers.

Moeller Switch-Disconnector P

Moeller Switch Disconnector PThe Moeller Switch Disconnector P1 up to 32A, P3 up to 100A, P5 up to 315A is compact and robust.

Moeller P Switch-disconnectors can be used as On-Off switches as well as maintenance, manual override or safety switches with and without emergency stop functions. Moeller P rotary switches contain two frame sizes which can handle loads to 100A or 75HP.

Moeller P switch disconnectors are suitable as safe maintenance and repair switches. Multiple padlocks can be connected in the OFF position (providing a vital function). The no-voltage state is visible and switch ON is impossible.

Moeller P Switch disconnectors provide reliable operation with heating and lighting systems, motors etc. Disconnectors are suited for direct switching of motor.

Safety Switch with Load Shedding and Signalling

Moeller Safety Switches P and T are functionally designed as maintenance and manual override switches.

Moeller Switches can be loaded with rated uninterrupted current / due to the load shedding circuit. The switch switches without a load and additional signalling contacts can be used for indicating the switch position.

For more information about Moeller “T” Rotary Switches and “P” Switch Disconnectors, contact More control on 0345 00 00 400.

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