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Moeller Motor Protective Circuit Breakers (PKZ) has long set the benchmark for control quality. The Moeller PKZM 0 now switches motors up to 32A. At the same time, the short-circuit switching capacity is significantly increased: the short-circuit rating (400 V) is now 150 kA up to 10A and 50 kA up to 32A. The Moeller PKZM 4 has a switching capacity of 50kA. The PKZM 01 is a completely new product with push-button operation for switching motors up to 25A (50kA/400V).

Moeller PKZM 01 (Easy to operate by pressing or hitting a button)

Moeller PKZM01 (MPCB)The Moeller PKZM 01 is a new type of motor protective circuit breaker ideally suited for motor up to 25A and is ideally suited to small machines and applications where operation by pressing or even hitting a button is preferred.

The short-circuit switching capacity is 50kA. Special enclosures with ingress protection IP65 or IP40 and Emergency stop buttons are available for this range of components. Feature protection against direct contact, solid foreign bodies and dust. Whether equipped with protective membranes, locking devices or emergency stop buttons, the methods of actuation are suited for any application.

Moeller PKZM 0 & PKZM 4

Moeller PKZM0 (MPCB)The Moeller PKZM0 switches motors up to 32A. Short-circuit rating (400 V) is rated up to 150kA up to 12A and 50kA up to 32A. Thanks to the high switching capacity, current limiters become virtually obsolete.

With just two motor protection variants, the entire range from 0.1 to 65A is covered. The Moeller PKZM saves precious inventory space and simplifies engineering efforts. With a width space of just 55mm the PKZM4 is the narrowest switch for 65 A.

Whether it is an integrated auxiliary contact, a trip-indicating auxiliary contact, a voltage release or door coupling handles, the accessories for the PKZM0 can be used for the PKZM4.

Moeller PKZ2 Motor & System Protective Circuit Breakers

Moeller PKZ2 (MPCB)The Moeller PKZ 2 has intelligent accessories to allow flexible solutions for a wide range of communication tasks. Various plug-in trip blocks allow the PKZ2 to be converted in no time at all. 3-pole and 4-pole trip blocks are available for motor and system protection. Differential signaling clearly indicates the switching states of the circuit-breaker.

Auxiliary contact modules, voltage releases or trip-indicating auxiliary contacts can be fitted quickly and easily.

The RS-PKZ 2 electronic remote operator can be actuated directly, without any coupling elements from the semi-conductor outputs of a PLC (24 V DC).

Main Features:

  • Adjustable thermal and magnetic trips set in accordance with the motor FLC
  • Tamper-proof lids that cover thermal and magnetic settings when the device is on
  • Ambient compensation
  • Phase failure sensitivity
  • Coding accessory to insure insertion of correct module for the motor rating

Moeller PKE in xStart System

Moeller PKE (MPCB)The Moeller PKE motor protective circuit breaker has versatile approved accessories from the xStart range for safe and rational control panel construction.

On most applications, an auxiliary switch is required with varying contact assignment for interlock or for signaling purposes. The motor starter design with two separate contact systems including visible isolating gaps enables a unique assignment of the protective devices PKE and switching device DILM (whereby switchgear devices can be exchanged individually.)

A universal accessory series from the PKZM0 system facilitates economy in logistical terms and reduces engineering costs.

Moeller PKE Overview

  • Variants: 3 base units + 5 control units = current range up to 65 A
  • Current measurement: Wide electronically-controlled setting ranges
  • Design: Modular design: consisting of base unit and trip units
  • Autonomous: Supply via current transformer (no additional voltage necessary)
  • Accessories: Common range of accessories from system PKZ0
  • Motor starter: Motor starters made of standard PKE and DILM components
  • Heavy starting duty: Tripping classes > CLASS 10 (protection suited to individual starting conditions)
  • Communication: Options for reading out current, status and diagnostics data
  • Efficiency: Minimum heat losses through the utilization of electronics
  • Service: Service-friendliness: fast commissioning, simple to wire, short conversion times.

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