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Moeller Industrial & Control Relays

The Moeller range of DIL Control Relays comes with a wide range of features in a compact, smart design. The Moeller DILET and ETR4 timing relays provide an ideal economical solution compared to sophisticated programmable relays or PLC's.

Ideal for critical processes, EMR multi function monitoring relays and ESR safety relays prevent disastrous and costly damage to man and machine.

DILER - Mini Contactor Relay

The Moeller DILER miniature Contactor Relay is small but rugged. A four pole devices housed in a package only 45mm wide. Two and four pole auxiliary contact blocks can be used to create a six or eight pole relay (The base relay and auxiliaries are all rated to 10 amps).

Timing Functionality Relays DILET & ETR4

Moeller DILET Timing RelayThe Moeller DILET range offers the most economical solutions while the ETR2 lines provide the most single function devices in the smallest footprint (only 17.5mm wide). The available space in the control panel can be optimally used for the end user applications. Timing relays enable the ability to initiate tasks at precise intervals to expand control over any application.

The Moeller ETR4 series provides higher actuating voltages and extreme resistance to interference voltages. The Moeller ETR4-70 multi-function device has two changeover contacts and an available connection to a potentiometer to satisfy a multitude of typical applications (all in a single device).

Moeller Safety Relays ESR

Moeller ESR Safety RelayMoeller Safety Relays are designed to perform without fault and in accordance with the highest safety regulations. The Moeller ESR relays are positively guided with exceptional levels of contact reliability. Moeller ESR safety relays contain redundant positively guided contacts in a single device, resulting in dramatic cost savings in comparison to conventional methods.

Moeller ESR Safety Functions:

  • Circuits for standstill in an emergency
  • Safety door monitoring
  • Light curtain monitoring
  • Two-hand control monitoring

Moeller Product Overview:

  • Application for the highest safety demands compliant to EN ISO 13849-1, IEC 62061 and IEC 61508.
  • Devices for world markets certified by UL and CUL as well as the TÜV Rheinland.
  • Plug-in screw terminals for fast commissioning and fault-free exchange.
  • Multiple-voltage variants 24 - 230 V AC DC for universal application.

Monitoring Relays EMR4 / EMR5

Moeller EMR Monitoring RelayMoeller monitoring relays ensure that power reaching the equipment is within desired specifications. Monitoring power flow to critical or sensitive processes can prevent disastrous results, costly damage to equipment, and protect personnel from serious risk.

Monitoring Relay Applications:

  • Current monitoring is typical in industrial control applications
  • Phase monitors can be used for monitoring destruction/damage protection
  • Phase sequence relays monitor the rotating field
  • Phase imbalance relays provide reliable phase loss detection
  • Level monitoring relays monitor liquid fill levels
  • Ground fault monitors enhances operational safety

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