Moeller xComfort Wireless Control

Moeller xComfort

With the Moeller RF system, extending or changing an existing system no longer requires users to have to face the chaos of excessive wiring and installation problems. The Moeller xComfort works for all requirements, whether in a private household, a traditional office or a modern flexible office.

Moeller RF Sensor (push button, motion detectors, room controllers etc) can be positioned exactly where they are most needed. The use of these sensors is not restricted to where there is wiring laid.

xComfort Smart Home Controller CHCA-00/01

Smart Home Controller

The Smart Home Controller CHCA-00/01 provides full home control of your home wherever you are. The Smart Home Controller with integrated communication interface allows the control of lights & blinds, temperature control, energy consumption and much more. Complete room control, heating/cooling, adjustable time and temperature profile, set functions.

With the Smart Home Controller you can easily control & visualize your home with multiple functions for each zone (room).

Using the MRF wireless software and a web browser, users can communicate with the Smart Home Controller and setup their home via web platform on PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

Moeller xComfort RF Room Manager

Moeller X Comfort Room ManagerMoeller xComfort Room Manager is a central display and operating unit with the ability to control all the functions of a modern electrical installation, providing ultimate convenience of operation.

xComfort Room Manager Functions:

  • Security and alarm functions
  • Heating, air conditioning and ventilation control, e.g. solar systems control, hot-water preparation and boiler control
  • Lighting and light scenarios
  • Blinds / shutters / awnings
  • Time-based switching of different functions
  • Comprehensive logic and comfort functions
  • Remote control and diagnosis via the phone (analogue and GSM)
  • Notification and operation via SMS (with GSM)

The xComfort Room manager is able to communicate with Moeller's entire RF component, which enables all data of a utility system in a building to be interchanged and coordinated. This straightforward and user friendly system is ideal for single or multi family buildings.

The multifunctional nature of the home manager means it not only replaces all other control systems, such as the control of heating, solar panels, roller shutters, pool or lighting control, but it also coordinates each individual function.

Moeller xComfort Remote Universal Switch

X-Comfort RF Push ButtonThe Moeller RF push button provides a new benchmark in wireless technology. An easy to use system for all requirements which controls, coordinate and optimises all possible functions.

The Moeller RF push button system can be perfectly connected to any existing electrical installation. Conventional switches are simply upgraded or exchanged for remote Moeller RF switches. Moeller RF actuators can even be installed in cable conduit boxes and lamp covers.

Moeller RF switches can be combined with more than 30 frames by leading manufacturers to a standard 55 x 55 mm dimension.

Installation made easily

  1. Mount the base
  2. Affix of the frame
  3. Click in the switches wireless module
  4. Affix the rocker to the wireless module

To provide an easy means of installation, the push button module offers screw mounting as well as sufficient surface on its rear side to attach the adhesive strips which are included in the delivery of each switch.

Average switch battery life is approx 10 years and can be exchanged easily.

For those difficult to mount spaces or uneven surfaces, the Moeller RF switch comes with an integrated surfaced adjustment (With this feature, unevenly plastered walls or gaps between the frame and wall can be easily evened out.)

xComfort Heating Control

Underfloor Heating ControlxComfort Heating Control solutions taking control to lower heating costs and maximise energy efficiency.

xComfort systems can be used in both new & existing builds providing ideal comfortable temperature ranges when you want and need it. Maximise wasted energy control both electric and hot water circulation for central heating systems.

Functions such as night time reduction and energy saving programs become easy solutions. Each room or heating zone can have its own temperature.

  • Control heat sources like electric heaters, radiator valves, floor heating and more.
  • Thermostats and temperature sensors to measure room or outside temperature
  • Sensors to detect if a window is open
  • Central control units with individual calendar and time functions
  • Frost protection & remote settings with Smartphone control
  • Shared switch control and fully configurable energy saving settings

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