Miniature Circuit Breakers

Moeller Miniature Circuit Breakers (FAZ)

Moeller Miniature Circuit Breakers (FAZ)

Moeller An Eaton BrandMoeller FAZ range of miniature circuit breakers (FAZ-NA) are ideal for protection of power supplies, control power transformers, HVAC, refrigeration equipment, florescent lighting (to 20A) and numerous applications requiring a protective device.

Moeller FAZ Circuit Breakers are available in one, two and three-pole configuration with 20 different current rating ranging from 05 up to 40A.

All breakers are available in both C and D tripping curves, providing protection from 5 to 10 and 10 to 20 x the continuous rating of the device (In). The Moeller FAZ range offers short-circuit ratings of 10kA regardless of voltage applied.

Moeller Miniature Circuit Breaker (FAZ)Moeller FAZ Circuit Breakers are available in two terminal configurations: standard box terminal which accept multiple conductors and ring-tongue terminals ideally suited to demanding requirements of the semiconductor industry. All FAZ breakers mount on standard 35mm DIN-rail. Bus Connectors and Feeder Terminals facilitate mounting and wiring of multiple miniature circuit breaker arrays. Power to the FAZ circuit breakers can be fed from the line or load side.

Enhanced Safety Features: Moeller FAZ

Terminals of the Moeller FAZ (MCB) provide finger and back of hand protection to guard against accidental contact with live parts. FAZ breakers incorporate a “trip free” mechanism to prevent trip function from being defeated by holding the operator in the ON position. FAZ Circuit Breakers are UL listed and CSA certified for fuseless protection of smaller AWG 18 and 16 conductors. A colour coded red/green indicator provides immediate visual indication of device status and isolation function.

Typical Application use of Moeller FAZ:

  • Feeder and Branch Circuit Protection
  • Convenience receptacle circuits (internal/external)
  • Motors (internal/external)
  • Load circuits leaving the equipment (external)
  • HACR Equipment (Heating, Air Con-ditioning, Refrigeration) (internal/external)

Main Features:

  • Current limiting
  • SWD (switching duty) - suitable for switching fluorescent lighting loads (In = 20 A)
  • Fulfill UL 489, CSA C22.2 No. 5 and also IEC 60947-2 Standard
  • For use in application for which UL 1077 or CSA C22.2 No.235 are also allowed
  • Shunt trip release and auxiliary switch for subsequent mounting
  • Separate Version for Ring Tonque Connection (Type FAZ-….-RT), terminal screws can be removed (on both sides)
  • Module width of only 17,7 mm (per pole)
  • Contact Position Indicator (red/green)
  • Easy installation on DIN rail
  • Possibility for sealing the toggle in on- or off-position

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