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Omron CJ Series Modular

Omron CJ Series Modular Omron Industrial Automation: is a globally recognised manufacturer of industrial automation control systems and equipment, electronic components, automotive electronics, healthcare products and public transportation equipment.


Omron CJ Series CPU

Omron CJ Series CPUFast and powerful CPU's for any task

The Omron family of CJ1 and CJ2 CPU's range from very small CPU's for simple sequence control, to powerful and fast models which offer complete machine control to handle up to 2560 I/O points. Omron CJ CPU's enable users to modularize or slice machines into logical sections without changing the PLC series. All Omron CPU units support IEC61131-3 Structured text, Sequential Function Charts and ladder language.

Omron's extensive function block library helps reduce programming effort, while creating function blocks to suit specific user needs.

All Omron CJ2M CPU units can be equipped with pulse I/O option modules to perform position control, up to 4 axes, using dedicated instructions.


Omron CJ Series Power Supplies & Expansion

Omron CJ Series Power SuplyThe Omron CJ1 PLC systems can operate on a 24 VDC power supply, or on a 100 - 240 VAC mains. For small scale system with mainly digital I/O, a low cost small capacity power supply can be used. For systems which use many analogue I/O and control / communication units, a large power supply unit maybe required.

Depending upon the CPU type, 3 different expansion units can be connected to the CPU rack, giving a total capacity of 40 I/O units. The total length of the expansion cables of one system can be up to 12 m.

Omron CJ-Series Digital I/O Units

Omron CJ Series Digital I/O Units8 to 64 points per unit - input, output or mixed

Omron CJ Digital I/O units serve as the PLC's interface to achieve fast, reliable sequence control. A full range of units, from high speed DC inputs to relay outputs, let users adapt the CJ1 to whatever requirements.

The Omron CJ1 units are available with various I/O densities and connection technologies. Up to 16 I/O units can be wired to units with detachable M3 screw terminals or screwless clamp terminals. High density 32 and 64 point I/O units are equipped with standard 40 pin flatcable connectors. Prefabricated cables and wiring terminal are available for easy interfacing to high density I/O units.

Omron CJ Series Analogue I/O Units

Omron CJ Series Analogue I/O UnitsFrom Basic Analogue I/O to advanced temperature control

The Omron CJ1 offers a wide choice of analogue input units fit for any application, from low speed multi channel temperature measurement to high speed, high accuracy data acquisition. (Analogue outputs can be used for accurate control or external indication)

Advanced units with built in scaling, filtering and alarm functions reduce the need for complex PLC programming. High accuracy process I/O units support an extensive range of sensors, for fast and accurate data acquisition. Temperature Control units relieve the PLC CPU of PID calculations and alarm monitoring. Temperature unit functions are handled autonomously, offering control performance and auto-tuning functions similar to stand alone temperature controllers.

Omron CJ Series Position Control

Omron CJ Series Position ControlAdd motion control to any CJ-Series PLC

The Omron CJ Series Positing Control units enable from simple position measurement to multi axis synchronised motion control. The Omron CJ Series offers a full range of units:

Main Features:

  • Counter Units to gather position information from SSI- or incremental encoders. Actual positions are compared with internally stored target values.
  • CJ2M CPU Units have dedicated positioning functions which can be used by installing up to 2 Pulse I/O option modules.
  • Position- and Motion Control Units equipped with MECHATROLINK-II interface controls multiple drives through a single high-speed link. Message routing through multiple communication layers allows attached drives to be configured from any point in the control network.

Omron CJ-Series Communication Units

Omron CJ Series Communication UnitOpen to any communication

The Omron CJ Series provides both standardised open network interfaces, and cost efficient high speed proprietary network links. Datalinks between PLC's or to other higher level information systems can be made using serial or Ethernet links, or the easy to use controller Link network.

As a standard, Omron support 2 major field networks, DeviceNet and PROFIBUS-DP. For high speed field I/O, Omron's CompoBus/S offers ease of installation. Fully user configurable serial and CAN based communications can be used to emulate a variety of application specific protocols.

EtherNet/IP units provide datalink functions to share large amounts of data between PLC's. The new PROFINET-IO controller together with the SmartSlice modular I/O system offers Ethernet-based I/O with controller and network redundancy.

If you would like more information about the CJ Series range of modules & expansion units, contact us on: 0345 00 00 400.

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