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Omron E32 Standard Cylindrical Fibre Sensor 

Omron E32 Standard Cylindrical Fibre SensorThe Omron E32 standard cylindrical fibre optic sensing heads provide reliable object detection, easy installation and long sensor lifetime for all general applications.

Main Features

  • A selection of more than 700 different models
  • General purpose use plastic fibres
  • High flexible (small bending radius) plastic fibres
  • High temperature glass fibres
  • Teflon coated / Metal sheathed
  • Models with hexagonal back for simplified one-nut mounting


Omron E3NX-FA Fibre Optic Amplifier

Omron E3NX-FAIdeal choice for most challenging Fibre application in terms of sensing distance, minute object detection and high speed processes.

Main Features

  • Easy teaching by Smart tuning within a few seconds
  • New N-Smart technology provides significant improvement for sensing distance, minimum object detection and speed
  • Easy and transparent information about sensor status by Solution Viewer and Change Finder function
  • EtherCAT Communication unit for high-speed field bus connectivity


Omron E3X-DA-S Digital Fibre Amplifier

Omron E3X-DA-S Fibre Optic SensorOmron E3X-DA-S high functionality digital fibre amplifier with advanced timing, LED power control and signal processing functionality providing the highest detection accuracy and stability, even for the most challenging objects and settings.

Main Features

  • Power tuning function to adjust the received light to a maximum, minimum or pre-defined value
  • Auto power and threshold adjustment functions for highest operational stability
  • Two outputs for window monitoring or two level detections (e.g. object + object state change)


Omron E3X-NA Digital Fibre Amplifier

Omron E3X-NA Digital AmplifierThe Omron E3X-NA is the ideal amplifier for standard fibre application providing quick & easy potentiometer adjustment and bar graph display.

Main Features

  • User-friendly operation with LED bar display
  • Long sensing distance
  • Quick installation with reduced wiring system
  • Mutual interference prevention using optical link for sychronisation
  • High speed: 20ms ON, 30ms OFF
  • Green LED for mark detection
  • IP66-versions / M8 connector version

Omron E3X-DAC-S Colour (RGB) Digital Fibre

The Omron E3X-DAC-S digital Fibre detects colour and returns light intensity of a mark or object and compares it with a stored RGB ration or intensity value. The RGB ration or contrast difference allows the stable detection of differently coloured black, grey or white marks or objects.

Main Features:

  • White LED for colour independence
  • Fast response time of min. 60 µs
  • Timer function for variable ON or OFF delay up to 5 sec
  • Remote teaching or easy one-button teaching


Omron E3X-MDA Digital Fibre Amplifier

The Omron E3X-MDA incorporates 2 digital fibre amplifiers into one housing unit. For applications which require the detection of two objects simultaneously, the Omron E3X-MDA provides an easy to use operation allowing users to save on space and set up time.

Main Features:

  • Two digital amplifiers in one slimline housing
  • Twin output models – on/off or area (between two threshold values)
  • Signal comparison functions (AND, OR, etc.)


Omron E3X-DAH-S Digital Fibre Amplifier Infrared LED

The Omron E3X-DAH-S series of digital fibre amplifiers is ideal for water detection applications or where visible light is not desired.

Main Features:

  • Infrared LED
  • LED power control and signal processing function


Omron E3X-DA-SE-S/E3X-SD (Easy Teach Amplifier)

The Omron E3X-DA-SE-S and Omron E3X-SD allows users to configure amplifiers with a singular button setting and provide the best value performance ratio for standard applications.

Main Features:

  • Auto-teaching during machine operation
  • Object or 2-point teaching within a few seconds
  • Simple threshold adjustment with up/down keys
  • Digital double display for incident level and threshold (E3X-DA-SE-S) or reduced size with one display (E3X-SD)

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