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Omron Remote I/O Modular - Digitial Monitoring

Omron Modular I/O Smart Slice

Omron Remote I/O SmartSliceOmron SmartSlice I/O system (GRT1) is a compact, intelligent, easy to use device. When used in conjunction with Omron's CS1/CJ1 DeviceNet master units, it is plug and work with no additional configuration tool required. Using built in functions such as pre-scaling, totalising, differentiation and alarming in analog I/O units, PLC programming can be significantly minimized. Preventive maintenance data can be accessed using CX-integrator software, standard PLC function blocks or NS-series Smart Active Parts.

Main Features

  • Most compact in the market (84 mm high)
  • Easy set-up, backup and restore functions
  • Diagnostics and preventive maintenance data at I/O level
  • Detachable terminal blocks allow hot-swapping without re-wiring
  • 3-wire connection with 'push-in' technology, no screwdriver required for installation

Omron Compact I/O GX Series

Omron Compact I/O GX SeriesOmron provides a range of PLC based as well as standalone motion control solutions based on EtherCAT. Omron GX Series I/O units provides basic in and output for systems such as high speed encoder inputs which can feed position information into the controller.

EtherCAT is an extremely fast industrial automation network which uses standard Ethernet cabling. EtherCAT makes very efficient use of standard Ethernet transmission frame with each node accessing the entire frame on the fly. This reduces the delay in each slave to a microsecond level. EtherCAT is extremely suitable for motion control due to its deterministic nature.

Main Features

  • Compact size IP20 housing
  • Expandable digital I/Os
  • Detachable I/O terminal blocks
  • Selectable high-speed input response time

Omron DRT2 IP67 DeviceNet I/O

Omron DRT2 DeviceNet The Omron DRT2 slave unit features internal diagnostic and maintenance data collection, which can be accessed over the network. The Omron DRT2 is a rugged I/O unit for field mounting.

Using CX-One or NS series HMI with Smart Active Parts for visualisation allows for a more efficient system setup, commissioning and troubleshooting without any additional programming.

Power supply status, I/O response times, operation counters and on-time monitor data is available at all times, and is internally checked against user-defined limits. Maintenance warnings will be generated when limits are exceeded.

Main Features

  • IP67 protection, DRT2 versions are also oil- and welding-spatter proof
  • Internal circuits powered by DeviceNet; fewer connections means less installation errors
  • Smart Slave functions for diagnostics and preventive maintenance
  • Indication of broken wire and short-circuit in I/O signals
  • M12 connectors for fast installation

Omron WD30 / WT30 Wireless DeviceNet Communication

Omron WD30 / WT30 Wireless DeviceNet CommunicationsThe Omron WD30 provides a wireless master slave data link for up to 63 DeviceNet sub-networks. The Omron WD30 master unit can directly control WT30 wireless I/O slave units. For direct access to wireless remote I/O without passing through DeviceNet, the WT30 master is equipped with a serial CompoWay/F interface.

Main Features

  • Easy to set-up: Extensive diagnostic features such as signal strength measurement and channel usage
  • Each Wireless master handles up to 100/100 words, input/output data. Up to 63 Wireless Slaves per Wireless Master
  • Uses spread spectrum technology for superior noise resistance in manufacturing environments
  • Relay function for extension of communication range (3 repeaters max.)
  • Explicit message communication

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