Omron Safety Products

Omron Safety Products Omron Industrial Automation is a globally recognised manufacturer of industrial automation control systems and equipment, electronic components, automotive electronics, healthcare products and public transportation equipment.


Omron Emergency Safety SwitchesOmron Emergency Safety Stop Switches

Omron Emergency Stop Switches stop a machine as fast as possible to protect a user in danger (An essential requirement in safety is to stop a machine in a dangerous condition for operators).


Omron Safety limit switches

Omron Safety limit switchesOmron Safety Limit Switches precisely monitor the position of guards and covers on machines to protect workers. These switches limit access to dangerous parts of a machine. Omron Safety Limit Switches ensure that the guards and covers are in place before the machine is started.


Omron Safety Door Switches

Omron Safety Door SwitchesOmron Safety Door Switches provide reliable monitoring of the correct position of a door or a guard to ensure machine safety to protect workers. Omron Non-Contact Switches

Omron Non-Contact Switches offers many advantages in application where a precise approach of the guard and lock is not possible. Application with heavy dirt or high hygienic standards can be addressed as well..


Omron Safety Sensors & Systems

Omron Safety SensorsOmron Safety Sensors are an ideal choice in safeguarding workplaces where operators and machines cooperate. A Built in intelligence systems stops a machine in conditions which are dangerous for operators.


Omron Safety Controller Relays

Omron Safety Controller RelaysOmron Safety Controller provides easy, scalable and intelligent linking and processing of safety related signals and control signals in modern industrial automation.


Omron Programmable Safety System

Omron Programmable Safety SystemUtilising a singular tool and operation concept, Omron Safety Controllers offer transparent standalone operation or scalability in safety networking applications for all sizes of machine control systems.

The Omron G9SP safety controller provides a simple to deploy, cost effective solution for controlling safety functions on compact machines. Standard in- and outputs can be directly connected and diagnosis information is provided via Serial or Ethernet interface.

Safety controllers save you time and effort, by reducing wiring and complex circuit design common with conventional safety relay based solutions.

Omron Safety Actuating

Omron Safety RelayOmron Relay and Contactors with integrated safety functions are designed to shutdown a machine reliable and safely. The protection of workers is achieved once the movement o a dangerous machine is stopped.

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