Photoelectric Sensors

Omron Photoelectric Sensors

From multi channel fiber optics to accurate background suppressed sensors, to general purpose sensors such as through-beam, retro and diffuse sensors and limited reflective sensors, Omron can provide an ideal sensing solutions to many sensing applications.

Omron E3S-DB Transparent Object Sensor

Omron E3S-DB Sensor Omron E3S-DB sensor designed for packing machinery, ideal stable detection of all transparent objects, independent of shape, colour or thickness.

Detects all transparent objects such as Glass bottles, PET bottles, transparent trays and packaging films.

  • Unique optical system enables the most reliable bottle detection
  • SmartTeach for fast set up and optimum threshold setting
  • Auto-compensation function provides reliable operation even in dusty environments
  • Narrow beam types detect smallest product gaps (min. 3 mm)
  • Proven for environments in Food & Beverage industry (ECOLAB certified) & IP67/69k

Omron E3ZM Photoelectric Sensors

Omron E3ZM Sensor Omron E3ZM compact stainless steel sensors for use in hygienic or harsh environments.

E3ZM reduces machine downtime and service costs due to sensor malfunctions caused by aggressive agents, high-pressure washdown or mechanical damage.

  • High grade stainless steel housing (SUS316L)
  • IP67 and IP69k for highest water resistance
  • Ecolab tested and certified detergent resistance
  • High Powered LED excellent performance to size ratio

E3Z General Purpose Sensor

Omron E3Z General Purpose SensorCompact housing size and high power LED for excellent performance-size radio and best value performance ratio for standard applications.

Main features

  • Minimal optical axis deviation for easy alignment
  • IP67 and IP69K for highest water resistance
  • Intensive shielding for highest noise immunity (EMC)
  • Multiple moulding housing for high mechanical resistance

E3FC Photoelectric Sensor

Omron E3FC Photoelectric Sensors Omron E3FC series photoelectric sensor designed for use in tough environments in food processing industry with regular cleaning cycles.

With a full body SUS316L housing the E3FC sensor is filled with epoxy resin at the connector/cable to guarantee protection against high pressure cleaning and industrial detergents.

  • High grade steel housing (SUS316L)
  • Withstands heat stock conditions
  • Epoxy resin preventing water ingress if connector is not fixed properly

Omron E3FA/E3FB Photoelectric Sensor

Omron E3FA SensorsOmron E3FA/E3FB dependable, durable and suitable for wide range of industries including food, beverage to brick manufacturer and logistics. High reliability, enhanced EMC protection, high ambient light immunity and robust waterproof housing.

  • Wide line-up with plastic/metal, straight and side view models
  • Compact housing size for easy integration into machine design
  • Visible high power LED in all models for excellent performance and easy alignment
  • Intensive shielding for highest noise immunity (EMC)
  • High immunity against disturbances from ambient light

Omron E3G Long Distance Sensor

Omron E3G Long Distance SensorLong distance retro-reflective and teachable distance-settable sensors in plastic housing.

Main features

  • Long sensing distance / Plastic housing
  • M12 rotary connector or pre-wired models
  • AC- and DC power supply
  • Easy setting of BGS-model by Teach-In and Zone-function
  • BGS (Background suppressed) IP67

Omron E3S-CL Distance Settable Sensor

Omron E3S-CL SensorMinimal black/white error for highest reliability detecting differently coloured objects. Setting distance up to 500 mm with reliable background suppression

Main features

    • General Purpose sensor with a wide variety of models
    • Rigid metal body / Horizontal and vertical housing
    • PNP/NPN-selector
    • Pre-wired and M12-connector
    • IP67 (NEMA 6) Water, oil and detergent resistant

Omron E3T sensor in miniature housing

Omron E3T SensorSmall sized photoelectric sensors in flat and side view shape for demanding mounting conditions. Unique optical alignment technology ensuring minimal deviation of optical axis.

Main features

      • Miniature sensor
      • Easy adjustment with well visible beam
      • Narrow beam characteristic by "Pin-point"-LED
      • High EMC and ambient light immunity
      • 3.5mm flat model with reliable background suppression and small black/white error

Omron E3JK Multi Voltage Sensor

Omron E3JK Voltage SensorMain features

The square sized E3JK family provides 12 to 240 VDC and 24 to 240 VAC power supply voltage.

      • Slim, space saving plastic housing / Pre-wired
      • 12 to 240 VDC and 24 to 240 VAC supply voltage
      • Relay outputs with long life expectancy and high switching capacity (3A, 250 VAC)
      • Timer output functions

E3JM Multi Voltage sensor with timer function

Omron E3JM Multi Voltage sensorThe square sized E3JM family provides 12 to 240 VDC and 24 to 240 VAC power supply voltage, an enhanced sensing distance and a timer function.

Main features

      • Universal voltage power supply (AC & DC)
      • Self-contained Timer function models
      • Terminal chamber connection
      • Relay & Solid state output

Omron E3C High Precision Laser Sensor

Omron E3C High precision laser sensorThe separate amplifier high-precision photoelectric sensors feature a large variety of different LASER sensing heads for highest precision positioning and object detection.

Main features

      • Easy installation due to adjustable focus point and optical axis
      • Wide range sensor head portfolio with different laser beam shapes
      • Controller functions with easy wiring concept and power tuning function

E3S-LS3 Omron Object Detection Sensor

Omron E3S-LS3 object Detection SensorThe special wide beam optics of the E3S-LS3 ensures reliable detection of structured objects (with holes or different heights) and can be used for example to detect printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Wide beam for reliable detection of structured, shiny and irregularly shaped objects

E3Z-G Omron sensor in plastic fork shape

E3Z-G Omron SensorThe forked shape optical through-beam sensors combine simple installation with reliable passage detections of object, machine parts or transportation elements.

Main features

  • Grooved-type photoelectric sensor
  • Detection and positioning of cranes and conveyor systems
  • Ideal for automated warehouses
  • One or two optical axis
  • Easy mounting of diffuse type combined with the precision of through-beam type

Omron Photoelectric Sensors

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