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Omron Industrial Automation: is a globally recognised manufacturer of industrial automation control systems and equipment, electronic components, automotive electronics, healthcare products and public transportation equipment.


Omron Machine Controller

Omron Automation Machine ControllerThe Omron NJ Machine Automation Controller allows for complete machine control through one connection and software; integrating motion, sequencing and network, all in one robust device. The NJ machine controller offers flexibility and scalability without compromising on reliability and robustness.

The Omron NJ series is designed to meet extreme machine control requirements for complete machine network control. Configurable with Omron's software solution (Sysmac Studio) the NJ allows for complete control, programming, simulation and monitoring of the controller. Utlising EtherCAT, the entire machine controller can be programmed from one central system.



Omron Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Omron PLC Automation SystemsOmron's reputation for product quality, reliability and advanced technology is inherent in all of their control systems. Omron provide smart remote I/Os, compact PLC CP1, high performance modular CJ1 and backplane based CS1 series systems for large applications.

Omron control systems are designed for high processing speed and full transparency. The systems provide a seamless data exchange inside machines and across the whole plant. All Omron PLC's are programmed and commissioned via CX-programmer.



Omron Remote I/O

Omron Remote I/OOmron remote I/O are open, smart and seamless. Omron provides open networks such as DeviceNet and PROFIBUS-DP which allows easy integration into existing installations to ensure compatibility with third party systems. Omron Remote I/O also provides Compobus/S. Omron proprietary sensor/actuator bus, for cost efficient, fast and program-less configuration. Data pre-processing, diagnostics and preventive maintenance functions are integrated in every individual I/O module which allows users to reduce PLC programming, speed up machine troubleshooting and prevent machine downtime.



Omron Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Omron Human Machine InterfaceWith Omron HMI's, the difference is clear! Omron HMI provides perfection in image clarity and reliability. For over a decade Omron has been a leading global supplier of Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions and industrial touch-screens. The Omron HMI range includes NS-series scaleable HMI, the NQ-series of compact touch screens and the NT function key type. With the wide range of Omron HMI solutions available, More Control can match the best products to suit user applications.



Omron Software

Omron Software SolutionsOmron software solutions reduce operational complexity by providing an integrated environment enabling users to design a modular automation system. The Omron software concept is to provide ‘One Software’ which is simple, easy to use. To handle programming, configuration and runtime, Omron software solutions ensure that operates can instruct devices to perform end user desired behaviours.

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