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SMC Serial Transmission

SMC PneumaticsSMC Pneumatics Serial Transmission offers reduced wiring and labour costs with hundreds of inputs and outputs being controlled through just a few cables. SMC Pneumatics provides a wide selection of products with varying number of input, output and diagnostic functions to suit end users wiring needs.

The SMC EX600 range allows for both a centralised or gateway type layout which can operate with up to 512 inputs and 512 outputs. Digital and analogue blocks may be added to suit whatever end user application.

Main Features:

  • Wide selection of protocols available
  • Max. of 512 Inputs/512 Outputs
  • Analog input and output blocks available
  • Choice between centralsied and gateway layout
  • Low profile and compact solutions

The SMC EX500 gateway unit can operate with up to 64 inputs and output via a M12 or M8 connection and is designed to allow for versatile distribution of both inputs and outputs.

For compact centralised solutions, the EX250 provides 32 inputs and outputs via M12 or M8 connection and is IP67 rated.

The SMC EX180 provides up to 32 outputs and has the advantage of being a low profile unit with a height of 40mm.

SMC Pneumatics serial transmission products are design for use with the following protocols: Profibus DP, Devicent, Ethernet I/P, Controlnet, CANopen and ASi.

SMC Series EX600

SMC Serial Transmission EX600The SMC EX600 unit offers a maximum of 512 digital inputs and 512 outputs. Unlike the SMC EX250 an EX500 series, the EX600 offers the added function of analogue input and output modules.

The EX600 can either be used as a single node or as part of a distributed network or Gateway layout. The SMC EX600 series is compatible with M12 SPEEDCON connectors allowing for quick installation.

With an increased number of diagnostic functions, the EX600 offers short and open circuit detection, detects whether supply voltages are out of range and also keeps an error log.

Main Features:

  • 512 digital inputs/ 512 digital outputs
  • SPEEDCON compatible
  • Analog input and output modules available
  • Open and short circuit protection cycle count warns of impending failure
  • Applicable valves series are the VQC, SV and S0700
  • Applicable Protocols: Profibus-DP, Devicenet, CC-Link

SMC Series EX500/510

SMC Serial Transmission EX500 / EX510The SMC Series EX500/510 is defined as a gateway type serial interface unit. Unlike a centralised unit where the valve manifold, inputs and outputs are connected to the node, each of the valve manifold, inputs and outputs are in separate branch lines.

With the SMC Series EX500, each of these lines can be positioned to best meet end user application needs. The SMC EX500 series can support up to 64 digital input and 64 digital outputs (16 inputs/ outputs across 4 branches).

All that needs to be connected to the bus is the node itself, all other I/O do not need to be addressed on the EX500.

Main Features:

  • 64 digital inputs and outputs
  • Gateway design
  • IP 67
  • Applicable valve series: VQC, SV, S0700
  • Applicable protocols: Profibus-DP, Devicenet, Ethernet I/P, Remote I/O, CC-Link

SMC Series EX260

SMC Serial Transmission EX260The SMC EX260 Series offers a space saving solution allowing for connections of up to 32 solenoid valve outputs per node. Due to its compact design, the EX260 reduces space by up to 65% when compared to the EX250 series and over 69% reduction when compared with the EX124/6 series.

The EX260 Series is available with both NPN and PNP specifications and provides the option of a built in terminating resistor switch with Profibus compliant node, complete with M12 connectors to offer dramatic reductions in overall costs and space savings.

Main Features:

  • Devicenet, Profibus, EtherCAT
  • Selectable between 16 and 32 point outputs
  • Built-in Terminating Resistor for Communication (Profibus Only)
  • IP67 (D-Sub Type or S0700 manifold: IP40
  • Space Saving Design

SMC Series EX250

SMC Serial Transmission EX250The SMC EX250 centralised serial interface unit is compact and light weight in design and offer 32 digital inputs and 32 digital outputs via M12 or M8 connections.

Diagnostic functions of the SMC EX250 include over current protection of inputs (fuse) and power supply monitoring. The unit is IP67 rated and features a one side access where electrical connections are on the same side as that of pneumatics. Input and output modules can be added and removed easily.

Main Features:

  • Compact design
  • IP67 Rating
  • 32 digital inputs and outputs
  • Diagnostic functions: Over current protection of inputs (fuse) and power supply monitoring
  • Applicable valve series: VQC, SV, S0700
  • Applicable protocols: Profibus-DP, Devicenet, Ethernet I/P, CC-link, As-I, CANopen, Controlnet

SMC Series EX240

SMC Serial Transmission EX240The SMC Series EX240 provides 32 digital inputs and 32 digital outputs via M12 connection and is compatible with VQC4000 and VQ2000/4000 series of valves.

This SMC unit offers an input block with 8 M12 connections that can be swapped between NPN and PNP. The input block also offers short circuit protection.

Main Features:

  • IP65 rating
  • Diagnostic features: valve power supply under voltage detect, short circuit protection (Profibus only)
  • Applicable valve series: VQ2000, VQ4000, VQC4000
  • Applicable protocols: Profibus-DP, Devicenet, Interbus-S

SMC Series EX180

SMC Serial Transmission EX180The SMC EX180 is a low profile (40mm height) serial interface. This SMC unit is designed for use with SJ2000/3000 valves, offering a space saving solution with a maximum of 32 outputs. The SMC EX180 is CE and UL approved.

Main Features:

  • Low profile (40mm in height)
  • 32 Outputs
  • Devicenet
  • CC-link

Series EX120/121/122

SMC Serial Transmission EX120 / EX121 / EX122The SMC EX120/121/122 is the simplest range of Serial Interfaces in the SMC range. This provides up to 16 Outputs with no Input capabilities and is available in nearly all major protocols. The EX120 is compatible with the SMC SY and VQ valves series.

Main Features:

  • IP20 (EX120/121/122), IP65(EX124) and IP67(EX126)
  • Applicable Protocols: Profibus, Devicenet, Interbus, CC-Link, Omron, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi

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