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SMC Pneumatics SMC Pneumatics is a worldwide leading expert in the field of pneumatic automation and control solutions. Utilising the latest cutting edge technology, SMC Pneumatics develops numerous pneumatic solutions across several industries around the world. Central to SMC Pneumatics ability to provide pneumatic products and solutions are their investments into research technologies and new production methods.

The SMC range of vacuum products varies from Vacuum pads with a variety of connections and pad types to vacuum ejectors / generators available as both single units to modular designs with both vacuum release and main supply valves.

SMC offers Vacuum Filters which prevent dust and particulates from entering vacuum circuits while the SMC range of pressure and flow switches can confirm product absorption.

SMC Vacuum Pads

SMC Pneumatics Vacuum PadsSMC manufacturers a wide range of vacuum pads with pad diameters varying from 2mm to 125mm. SMC pads vary in shapes and types including flat, ribbed, deep, bellows and elliptical along with varied mounting configuration. The use of buffers or ball joints in combination with a selection of specialist pad material allows infinite flexibility when choosing specialist pad material for routine and unusual lifting applications.

Main Features:

  • Pad size: 2mm-125mm
  • Non-contact cyclone pad
  • Vertical and lateral vacuum entry
  • Ball joint type vacuum pad
  • Selection of pad material possible

SMC Vacuum Ejectors

SMC Pneumatics Vacuum EjectorsThe SMC vacuum ejector range is suitable for a wide variety of lifting applications. From simple design of in line ejectors, to multi stage ejectors there is a vacuum ejector configuration suitable for every application. The SMC ejectors capabilities can be expanded by the addition of supply and relief valves, pressure switches and silencers into a single unit.

Main Features:

  • Modular type solutions incorporating supply, release valves and vacuum pressure switches
  • Large multi-stage ejectors
  • Space saving in-line and compact types available
  • Small, light ejectors available, suitable for close mounting

SMC Vacuum / Release Units

SMC Pneumatics Vacuum Release UnitThe SMC VQD1000-V series valves combines a vacuum supply and release valve into one manifold with added features of providing smooth detachment of work without over blow, which means there is no need to design a restrictor circuit for air release.

Main Features:

  • Vacuum supply and release valve on one manifold
  • Smooth detachment of work
  • Fast response time 13m/sec

SMC Vacuum Filters

SMC Pneumatics Vacuum FiltersSMC vacuum filters help prolong the life of components by preventing dirt particles from entering the product, resulting in lower maintenance costs. SMC offer a range of different design complements for different vacuum generation formats. Available for heavy duty application, as a manifold or with one touch fittings for quick and easy installation in a vacuum line.

Main Features:

  • In-line compact design
  • Available with One-touch fittings
  • Easily replaced filters
  • Light-weight design

SMC Vacuum Regulators

SMC Pneumatics Vacuum RegulatorsSMC provides a range of accurate and sensitive vacuum regulators. The IRV vacuum regulator is available in 3 body sizes 1000/2000/3000 which range in port size from 1/8 to 1/2. Regulating pressure ranges from 100kPa to 1.3kPA. SMC vacuum regulators allow for stepless control of vacuum pressure in proportion to an electrical signal. The ITV2090 series allows for the monitoring of vacuum pressure with a monitor output which can be switch or analogue output signal.

Main Features:

  • High Precision vacuum regulator resolution 0.13 kPa
  • Intregrated pressure switch available
  • Electro-pneumatic regulator allows stepless control of vacuum pressure
  • Option of analog and digital inputs
  • High precision control

SMC Vacuum Switches

SMC Pneumatics Vacuum SwitchesSMC Vacuum pressure switches are supplied in pressures ranges of 0-100KpA to 100-100kPa. SMC pressure switches are available as integrated switches with two colour digital LCD displays, with either switch or analogue output available with a separate display.

SMC also provides the option of for one display, PSE200 which can handle up to four pressure switches at once. Compact switches are available allowing for precise and simple set up.

Specialised switches designed for adsorption confirmation are also provided for where vacuum components are used in the transfer of a product.

Main Features:

  • Two colour LCD display
  • Vacuum and compound pressures available
  • Switch and analog outputs available
  • Integrated and remote types available

SMC High Vacuum Valves

SMC Pneumatics Vacuum ValvesThe SMC range of high vacuum valves are designed for use primarily in the semi-conductor industry, offering long service life, precise finishing and a choice between aluminium and stainless steel bodies, high grade seal material and angled or in-line body design.

Main Features:

  • Long service Life
  • Precise finishing
  • Choice of body material
  • High grade seals
  • Low particle generation

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