SMC Pneumatics Valves & Manifold Products

SMC Pneumatics has developed a complete range of valves to suit all requirements for modern automation. Valves such as the 5/2 and 3/2; both solenoid and air operated (high and low flow) high purity chemical valves and 2/3 port process valves. SMC manifolds of VQC and SV cassette types allow for easy addition of valve bases and are compatible with serial interface products.

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    SMC Solenoid Vales & Manifolds

    SMC Pneumatics Solenoid ValveSMC 3/2 valves can be both body ported and manifold based with a wide range of port sizes and flow rate. (M5-2, 10-35,0001/min) V100 and S070 valves offer low flow rates with port sizes of M3 and M5. Largest 3 port valve, the VP3185 offers flow rates as high as 35,001/min with the VCH series valve can operate with pressure up to 50 bar with port sizes ranging from 3/4 to 1.

    SMC also provide range of 5/2 ATEX valves rated for categories 2 and 3. The 52-SY series valve provides a choice of either body ported or base mounted type valves. SMC valves can be supplied with an option of intrinsically safe barriers. The 56-VQC and 56-SV series valve offer based mounted type valves with the choice of multiple connector and terminal block wiring connections.

      Main Features:

      • ISO and NAMUR type valves available
      • Fast response times 4ms
      • Large flow 35,000l/min
      • Dual 3 port valves, 4 positioned available
      • Long service life

      Manual & Mechanically Actuated Valves

      Manual Valves

      SMC Pneumatics Manual ValveSMC Pneumatics offers an extensive range of manually operated valves. Small VHK finger valves are available in both 2 and 3 port variations with a choice of threaded ports (M5-1/2) to built-in one-touch ports (Ø4mm-12mm). VHS pressure relief 3 port valves with locking holes are also available which provide 4/2 & 4/3 functionality and large flow rate (1/4: 3801/min 1, 10,0001/min)

      Mechanically Actuated Valves:

      SMC mechanical operated 2/2, 3/2, 4/2 and 5/2 valves include roller lever, roller plunger, toggle switch, push button, twist selector, push-pull valves with port sizes of M5 – 1/4.

      Main Features:

      • Large flow up to 10,000l/min
      • Selection of actuating options
      • Port size: range from M5-1"
      • Locking type residual pressure relief valve

      Air Operated Valves

      SMC Pneumatics Air Operated ValvesSMC air operated valves are available in 3/2 and 5/2 in port sizes ranging from M3 to 1/2. SMC offer a range of specially designed high purity Teflon valves, which can withstand many harsh fluids and environments. Port sizes range from 1/8 to 1 and applicable tubing O.D: 4mm-25mm. Additional features include flow adjustment and by-pass options. Also available are process valves with port sizes of 1/8-2 designed to operate for a wide range of fluids with a choice of sales and body material.

      Main Features:

      • High purity fluoropolymer valves
      • Available with additional options such as flow adjustment and fluid by-pass
      • Large flow up to 9500l/min
      • Port sizes M3 to 2"

      Process Valves

      SMC Pneumatics Process ValvesSMC process valves are designed to operate with air, water, oil, steam, vacuum and many other fluids. SMC VC valves are made for air steam, water, heated water and oil. The SMC VX range of valves are available in both 2 and 3 port options and can be individually ported or manifold based and can operate with various different fluids. Port sizes for the VX series range from 1/8 to 2.

      The SMC high pressure range of VCH valves can operate as high as 5.0 MPa with port sizes ranging from 1/2 to 1 in both 2 and 3 port options while the VQ20/30 valves, offer fast response times and as little as 7ms (20ms for VQ30)

      Main Features:

      • Choice of brass and stainless steel bodies
      • Selection of seal material available NBR, FKN, EPDM, PTFE
      • Suitable for air, water, hot water, steam, oil and vacuum
      • Fast response time as low as 7ms
      • Port sizes ranging from M5-2"

      SMC ATEX Valves

      SMC Pneumatics ATEX ValvesSMC ATEX valves are designed to operate in categories II and III environments. Available options for the ATEX valves are the 52-SY series (II 2G) which come as both standard alone or base mounted, 56-SV (II 3GD) and 56-VQC series (II 3GD), based mounted cassette type manifold valves, 55-VPA air operated vales designed for use in II 2GD and ISO standard valves for use II 3GD sites.

      Main Features:

      • Intrinsically safe design
      • Categories II & III
      • IP67 Rated
      • Profibus serial interface unit available in II 3GD

      SMC Valve Accessories

      SMC Valve AccessoriesSMC offers several different types of silencers from basic sintered metal types to plastic body types which provide low back pressure. Other SMC variations of silencing are with one connections (6mm to 12mm) and a high noise reduction type silencer which provides over 40 dB noise reduction to keep noise level inside a plant below 85 dB (A).

      Main Features:

      • Port sizes available M3-2"
      • One-touch connections 6mm-12mm
      • High level noise reduction 40dB
      • Low back pressure

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