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SMC Pneumatics SMC Pneumatics is a worldwide leading expert in the field of pneumatic automation and control solutions. Utilising the latest cutting edge technology, SMC Pneumatics develops numerous pneumatic solutions across several industries around the world. Central to SMC Pneumatics ability to provide pneumatic products and solutions are their investments into research technologies and new production methods.

In numerous applications where standard products may not be able to cope with harsh environments, SMC provides a range of high purity valves, fittings and tubing which can withstand both the harsh environments and operating fluids. SMC also offer a wide range of clean room products which are applicable to ISO specification 14644-1.

If you would like more information about the SMC product range of Speciality based Pneumatic products & technologies, contact More Control on: 0345 00 00 400.

    SMC Clean Room

    SMC Clean Room Products

    Much of the SMC standard product range is available in Clean Room Specification. These products are sealed in anti static double bags after been blown clean with clean air. Clean Room Products use the following prefixes: 10-, 11-, 12-, 13-, 21, 22-.

    10/11/12/13 prevents particle generation with Clean Room Environment while 21/22- series offer low particle generation and are copper, fluorine and silicon free.

    KP Clean Room fittings are designed so that they are completely grease free and all liquid contact areas are non metallic. The TPH and TPS Polyolefin and Soft Polyolefin Clean Room Series tubing are available in a range of colours and tubing sizes and as the KP Fittings are completely cleaned, assembled and packaged in a clean room environment.

    These SMC products are compatible with our range of clean gas filter (SF) and regulator (SR). These high quality products are manufactured from Stainless Steel 316, PTFE and FPM.

    Main Features:
    • ISO 14644-1 Class 3-6
    • Copper, Fluorine and Silicon Free Specification
    • Clean Packaging: Products are sealed in anti-static double bags after they are Blown clean with clean air.
    • Special Clean Series for applications that require cleanliness higher than that of the clean series.

    SMC High Purity Products

    SMC High Purity ProductsSMC offer a variety of solution for high purity needs. Available products include valves, tubing, fittings, regulator and process pumps constructed from material such as PFA and PTFE, which can deal with a wide variety of chemicals.

    SMC high purity LV valves can either be air or manually operated and is available in a stainless steel body option. SMC valves are compatible with the LQ series and new PFA fittings, with the choice of a compact design and non metallic solution. SMC provide PFA tubing in a range of diameters with a maximum operating temperature of up to 260°C.

    Main Features:

    • New PFA tubing
    • Air operated valve with non-metallic exterior
    • High purity needle valve
    • Space saving, compact high purity chemical valve
    • New PFA fittings with quadruple seal construction.

    SMC Stainless Steel Products

    SMC Stainless Steel ProductsSMC are able to offer a wide range of stainless products for use in numerous industries such as food, life sciences, chemical and pharmaceutical.

    The KQG one-touch and KFG insert type fittings are manufactured from stainless steel 316 with FKM seals (KQG Only) and can operate in areas with temperatures ranging from -5°C to 150°C. The CJ5/CG5 cylinders, constructed with stainless steel 304, are designed for use in environments with water splashing such as the food industry and offer a choice of NBR and FKM seals.

    The SRH clean regulator is constructed from stainless steel 316 and offers a choice between PTFE and fluororubber diaphragm.

    Main Features:

    • SUS 316 fittings
    • FKM seals
    • One-touch and ferule type fittings
    • SUS304 cylinders
    • Stainless steel 316 filters and regulators

    SMC Static Electricity Detection & Elimination

    SMC Static Control ProductsSMC has recently designed new products to help customers with applications affected by static electricity. We have developed ionizers, both bar and nozzle types, to remove static charge from your processes. We also provide static electricity detection products so you can plainly see what are the levels of static charge.

    SMC also provide conductive fittings, tubing and vacuum pads to help prevent static electricity from building up in your manufacturing process.

    Main Features:

    • Bar and nozzle type ionizers
    • Ion balance: +/-30V
    • Handheld meter
    • Two colour meter display

    SMC Process Pumps

    SMC Process PumpsSMC range of Process Pumps offer compact, high capacity diaphragm pumps for the transfer and recovery of a wide variety of fluids.

    SMC Process Pumps offer flow rate ranges of 1-45 1/min with a choice of Body and diaphragm materials. SMC have produced High Purity PAF3000/5000 Process Pumps able to deal with any harsh fluids and are available with sensors which monitor any internal damage to the pumps.

    Main Features:

    • Compact high capacity pumps
    • Long service life , 2 to 5 times that of convential pumps
    • Pulse attenuation model available
    • Ultra high purity models allow transfer of harsh fluids
    • Self priming makes priming unnecessary

    SMC High Vacuum Valves

    SMC High Vacuum ValvesSMC range of High Vacuum Valves are designed for use primarily in semi conductor industries, offering long service life (up to 2 million cycles), precise finishing and a choice between aluminium and stainless steel bodies. Both the SMC XM and XL valves are interchangeable and both can come with a bellows or o-ring type seal. The SMC XGT slit valve offers an l-motion structure and low particle generation.

    Main Features:

    • Long service life
    • Precise finishing
    • Choice of body material
    • High grade seals
    • Low particle generation

    SMC Chillers

    SMC Chillers SMC range of chillers comes in 3 distinctive types: refrigerated, water-cooled and peltier type. SMC refrigerated type chillers (HRGC & HRZ) are available in both air and water cooled options with cooling loads from 1kW to 4.8 kW. These ranges can offer temperature stability of 0.5 - 1 °C.

    The water-cooled HRW chillers have no refrigerant circuit and can offer cooling capacities of 2 - 30 kW and temperature stability of 0.3 °C.

    The SMC Peltier type chillers (HEBC, HEC, HED) can offer cooling capacities of 200 - 600W and are able to provide temperature stability with an accuracy of +/-0.1 C

    Main Features:

    • Refrigerated, water and peltier types
    • Cooling capacities: 200W-30kW
    • Temperature stability: +/-0.1 °C
    • Energy savings by no idling energy

    SMC Dryers

    SMC Refrigerated Dryers offer cooling ratings of 3-75kW. Compared to previous models the new IDFA offers a reduction in volume by 30% and in weight by 40%. SMC Dryers provides an increased level of air flow capacity by 40% when compared to previous models and with the use of a Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger it can offer Energy Saving benefits.

    The SMC IDG Membrane Dryer, which does not require the use of electricity to power, reduces energy costs and is compatible with dew points as low as -60°C.

    The SMC ID Heatless Dryers provide dry air at dew point as low as -50°C and offer flow rates of 100 to 975 l/min. These Dryers are compact and light weight in design and are constructed without a heater and electric control board. Checking of the Dryers dew point is made easy with the built-in indicator.

    Main Features:

    • Improved corrosion resistance due to the stainless steel heat exchanger
    • Energy saving with the use of a high performance heat exchanger
    • Environmentally friendly refrigerants: R134a & R407A
    • IDFA Series-CE marked

    SMC Atex Products

    All equipment and Protective Systems intended for use in potentially Explosive Atmospheres must conform to the 94/9/EC ATEX Directive.

    Many of standard valves, linear and rotary actuators and auto switches from SMC are available with ATEX certification. SMC provide pneumatic and electro pneumatic posititioners, process pumps and booster regulators.

    Main Features:

    • Linear & Rotary Actuators
    • Autoswitches
    • Process Pumps

    SMC PneuAlhpha Controller

    SMC PneuAlpha ControllerThe SMC Pneualpha controller combines simple, low cost control with sophisticated functionality. Available in 10, 14 and 24 I/O the unit may be programmed via the built in screen or with the available software. The simulation function allows users to view program operations without the use of any hardware. With the use of the Pneualpha's GSM function, SMS may be sent and received allowing for remote monitoring of your application.

    Main Features:

    • 10, 14, 24 I/O
    • GSM Capablility
    • Analog Inputs and Outputs
    • High Speed Counter
    • AS-i Interface

    SMC AP Tech

    SMC AP Tech SMC AP Tech is now able provide a range of products suitable for both low and high pressure applications and primarily applicable to the Ultra High Pure and Process Industries.

    AP Tech's range of air and manually operated valves operate at both vacuum and high pressures and are available in Stainless steel and Hastelloy. Port sizes range from ¼” to ¾”. Manually Operated valves are available in ¼-turn, multi-turn and lever.

    Both the manual and air operated types of valves are available with a lock out manual override function that preventions actuation in the case of maintenance.

    As well as high pressure and high purity regulators and valves, AP Tech also manufactures check valves suitable for high pressure applications, (1/4” connection size), vacuum generators and flow switches applicable to flow rates as high as 950l/min. In each case stainless steel 316L is the body material of choice.

    Main Features:

    • High Pressure Regulators and Valves
    • Choice of Stainless Steel and Hastelloy Body Materials

    If you would like more information about the SMC product range of Speciality based Pneumatic products & technologies, contact More Control on: 0345 00 00 400.

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