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SMC PneumaticsThe SMC Pneumatics product range of actuators includes standard pneumatic cylinders for basic applications through to high rigidity precision guided actuators as well as stroke reading and high accuracy incremental stopping cylinders.

Pneumatic and electrical actuators provide a range of solutions to all forms of linear, rotary, gripping and compound applications. As a standard, SMC actuators are available from 2.5mm bore up to 300 mm bore. SMC also provide combination units and specialized product which are readily available.

The SMC electrical actuator series includes precision servomotor and stepper motor control products. Furthermore, basic linear movement similar to a pneumatic cylinder, but with no need for compressed air, are provided by the electric cylinder and e-Rodless series of electrical actuators.

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Standard Linear Actuators

SMC Pneumatics Standard Linear ActuatorSMC standard range of linear actuators provides a wide variety of sizes and styles, from 2.5mm up to 300mm diameter. SMC actuators are used for straight line movement in a single or double acting manner, with options available for through-rod or non-rotating models.

Main Features:

  • Bore size from 2.5mm to 300mm diameter
  • Metric / imperial sizes
  • Round profile crimped body actuator
  • Tie-rod / extruded profile body actuator
  • International standards
  • Long life span

Compact SMC Actuators

SMC Pneumatics Compact ActuatorSMC compact actuators perform the same function as standard SMC actuators whilst providing a considerable reduction in the amount of space needed for the cylinder body. These SMC actuators are general directly mounted and have a number of mounting options available. Compact SMC actuators are available in single or double acting with standard through rod or non-rotating shafts.

Main features:

  • Bore size from 4mm to 200mm diameter
  • Optional air cushioning
  • Guide rods
  • Plate cylinder for reduced height
  • Miniature range

SMC Guided Actuators

SMC Pneumatics Guided ActuatorSMC guided actuators are suitable for manufacturing processes requiring high rigidity and high precision. Guided actuators provide non-rotating function, high load performance and stability. SMC guided actuator provide slide table, dual rod, high precision and heavy duty models.

Main features:

  • Bore sizes from 6mm to 100mm diameter
  • Multiple mounting styles
  • High non rotating accuracy
  • Space saving compact design
  • High rigidity and precision platform cylinders

SMC Rodless Actuators

SMC Pneumatics Rodless ActuatorWith the SMC Rodless range of actuators, the piston is mechanically or magnetically coupled to an external slide table, which in turn provides linear motion and force. As no piston rod is used, means the risk of the rod buckling is eliminated and uneven seal wear and side loading of the shaft is reduced.

The lack of a piston rod reduces the length of the actuator considerably and is therefore ideal for confining spaces or long strokes.

Main Features:

  • Bore sizes from 10mm to 100mm diameter
  • Magnetically & Mechanically Coupled Actuators
  • Magnetically Coupled Actuator for vacuum application

SMC Actuators with Lock

SMC Pneumatics Actuator with LockMany SMC actuators in the SMC product range are produced with rod locking mechanisms as a standard feature. The lock clamps the rod, thereby preventing any further movement, until the lock is then released. These SMC locking actuator can be used for fail safe features, drop prevention and intermediate stopping. The braking action of the actuator is effective even when the cylinder has full pressure applied.

Main Features:

  • Fine Lock cylinders
  • Locking in one direction only
  • Cylinders with locks
  • Manual override for unlocking

SMC Rotary Actuators

SMC Pneumatics Rotarty ActuatorSMC rotary actuators offer rack and pinion and vane types of actuators with a number of additional combinations, such as compact style, rotary gripper and a liner/rotary combination actuator. SMC rotary actuators are suitable for applications requiring the rotation of a component (up to 360°) and offer considerable space saving advantages in comparison to using a standard linear actuator.

Main features:

  • Sizes range from 0.5mm to 200mm nominal
  • Rotation angle up to 360°
  • Rack and Pinion or Vane Style
  • Rotary and Linear Actuation
  • 3 position Rotary Table

SMC Air Grippers

SMC Pneumatics Air Grippers ActuatorSMC air grippers are essential components for any pick and place system. The range of SMC air grippers includes parallel type, angular type and rotary type grippers with various choices of configuration, guides and sizes. The parallel type of air gripper can be selected with two, three or four fingers for simultaneous gripping and centring.

Main Features:

  • Sizes range from 6mm to 125mm nominal
  • Parallel, Angular and 180° Opening Jaws
  • Low profile construction
  • Dust cover and push rod options
  • Round body 2, 3 or 4 finger grippers

SMC Electric Actuators

SMC Pneumatics Electronic ActuatorSMC electric actuators are characterised by their high precision positioning and repeatability. Electric actuators offer complete control of velocity, acceleration, deceleration and positioning.

Main Features:

  • High rigidity
  • Low profile and space saving
  • E-Rodless Actuators
  • Dedicated Servomotor / Stepper Motor Controllers
  • Electric Cylinders

SMC Semi Standard Products

SMC Pneumatics Semi Standard ActuatorSMC also provide a complete range of actuators with options for high or low temperatures, changes of rod end shape, low speed and corrosion resistance specifications. SMC Semi standard actuators can be customised to meet end user requirements through the design and manufacture of component towards specific requirements.

Main Features:

  • -XB6: Heat resistant cylinder ( -10 to 150°C)
  • -XC6: Piston rod and nut made of stainless steel
  • -XB9: Low speed cylinder (5 to 50mm/s)
  • -XA: 0 –30: Change of rod end shape
  • -XB18: Low friction cylinder

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