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Sick Encoders are used extensively in automated processes where users need to know the positional location on a shaft at a given time. Absolute encoders provide data in digital form and originally standardised on a data exchange protocol with a fixed controller.

With the development of open fieldbus protocols enables fast data exchange over networks to make it common to fit absolute encoders with fieldbus interfaces.

Sick Absolute Encoders

Sick ATM90 EncoderSick Absolute Encoders are used when the full range of motion in the application occurs within one full revolution (360°) of the encoder shaft. Multi-turn encoders are recommended for application involving multiple revolutions of the encoder shaft.

Sick ATM90 SSI

  • Extremely robust, tried-and-tested absolute multiturn encoder with a resolution of up to 26 bits
  • Mechanical interface: Through hollow shaft with shallow installation depth
  • Zero-set and preset functions via hardware or software
  • No battery required
  • Electrical interface: SSI with gray or binary code type
  • Electronically adjustable, configurable resolution
  • Magnetic scanning

Sick Incremental Encoders DFS60

Sick DFS60 Incremental EncoderSick DFS60 line programmable incremental encoders can be programmed to accommodate any value from 1 to 65,536 pulses per revolution (PPR). Sick provide through their software interface, output voltage and zero set position programming. This Sick highly robust encoder features advanced mechanical design and a metal code disc which provides a higher temperature tolerance. The Sick DFS60 encoder is ideal for reducing inventory and enabling the user to create custom resolutions.

The DFS60 Sick encoder has an electrical isolation between motor shaft and the encoder. The DFS60 has a feature which substantially increases interference immunity and reliability and can be used in harsh ambient conditions in any industrial application.

Product options:

  • Interfaces TTL/RS422, HTL/push-pull
  • Face mount flange and servo flange
  • Blind hollow shaft and through hollow shaft
  • Cable outlet 1.5 m; 3 m and 5 m - can be used radially or axial
  • Connector outlet M12 or M23
  • 1 to 65,536 lines programmable by customer

Product features:

  • Compact housing Ø 60 mm
  • High resolution incremental encoder family up to 16 bit
  • Number of lines from 1 ... 65,536, zero-pulse width and level of output signals programmable by customer
  • Universally pluggable cable outlet for radial or axial use
  • Connector outlets M23 and M12 available
  • Face mount and servo flange
  • Hollow shafts up to Ø 15 mm or 5/8" or isolated variants available
  • Zero pulse teach possible

Customer benefits:

  • Customer programmability reduces stocking costs and system downtimes
  • Pluggable cable outlet in radial or axial direction enables customized solutions with various cable lengths and cable-end connectors
  • Excellent run-out also at high operating speed
  • Capable of meeting the requirements of applications needing a high resolution

Sick Incremental Encoders

Sick Incremental Encoders are used for asynchronous motors requiring no absolute rotor position. These Sick Encoders are primarily used for speed control. Sick incremental encoders generate impulses which correspond to position, angle and number of turns.

Sick incremental encoders contain a disc with a defined number of lines on it. The number of lines on the disc determines the resolution capabilities. The particular position of the encoder is determined by counting the impulses from reference points. (A reference run is required to determine the absolute position).


  • High-resolution incremental hollow shaft encoder
  • Number of lines, electrical interface and zero pulse width programmable by customer
  • Excellent concentricity
  • Exceptional robustness is achieved through large distance between the ball bearings

Sick Positioning Encoders

Sick PKS Wire Draw EncodersSick Positioning Encoders, distances and angles when precise positioning is required (an encoder is unbeatable). For distance measurement applications, the resolution of the encoder is in the micrometer range and when making angular measurements, it is equivalent to a few thousandth degrees. The Sick line of encoders include; absolute, non contact length measuring systems, wire draw encoders and compact measuring wheel encoders.

Sick Wire Draw Encoders PKS

  • Incremental encoder
  • Compact housing (90 x 90 x 90 mm)
  • Encoder integrated in housing
  • Measured lengths 2 m … 5 m
  • High resolution
  • TTL interface

Linear Encoder

Sick Pumux KH53 Linear EncoderPomux® KH53

  • Non-contact length measurement - maintenance-free, robust, long durability
  • High reproducibility (0.3 mm / 1 mm), high system resolution (0.1 mm)
  • SSI and PROFIBUS interfaces
  • Determination of absolute position
  • Measuring lengths of up to 1,700 m possible
  • Can be used under the harshest environmental conditions
  • High travel speeds of up to 6.6 m/s
  • Distance tolerance between read head and measuring element: up to 55 mm ± 20 mm possible

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