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Solving vision application is all about acquiring top quality image even with tough targets, such as highly reflective metal parts and multi coloured labels.

Erwin Sick Vision Sensors are ease to use, durable and reliable. Sick Vision Sensors cover from part inspection to verifying presence to colour sorting and optical character recognition.

Sick Smart cameras can be programmed to read, inspect, locate, identify and measure features in the acquired image data. Via a PC or laptop, application data can be developed and vision systems can be implemented as a stand alone application or as part of a factory network.

Sick Vision Sensors

Sick Inspector series is an intelligent vision solution in an easy to use sensor package.

The robust design and IP 67 metal housing makes the inspector sensors ideal for tough environments and intelligent processing technology is perfect for high speed applications. The Sick Inspectors unique housing design and variants with interchangeable lenses make them optimised for whatever desired end user application.

The Inspective product range offers a complete pre-defined package for production control with Sick. From image viewing, recording and off line support, Sick Inspectors make high performance part inspection easy to use.

Inspector I Series

    Sick Inspector I Series
  • High-speed part inspection
  • Robust pattern match to locate part independent of position, rotation and scale
  • Multi-reference object teaching and multi-feature inspections
  • Unique, homogeneous dome illumination or high power ring light
  • Easy-to-use step-by-step configuration in PC including emulator
  • Log, statistics and record
  • Industrial Ethernet

CVS1 Easy

    Sick CVS1 Easy Sensor
  • Colour inspection on large areas and long scanning distances
  • Different variants for different areas and scanning ranges
  • Detecting one colour
  • Plug and play teach wizard
  • Memory capacity for 8 colour references
  • Compact housing with integrated display for configuration and monitoring

Sick Smart Cameras

Industrial Vision Cameras for flexible & Powerful stand alone solutions.

Sick's line of industrial vision cameras are self contained, stand alone vision systems with an easy to use graphical user interface, enabling fast development for both 2D and 3D applications. Sick cameras combine imaging and analysis into one camera. These flexible high performance cameras provide a range of tools for inspection, robot guidance, measuring and identification. With a singular camera, users can perform any combination of advanced inspections and measurements to opimise production quality. The Sick camera support customises operator interfaces and communication via I/O serial and Ethernet.

Industrial Vision Camera 2D

High-performance smart cameras for industrial environments

  • Suitable for advanced inspections and measurements
  • Flexible working distance and field of view
  • Stand-alone operation, no PC needed
  • Easy-to-use interface with more than 110 software tools
  • Simple interfacing with PLCs, robots and control systems that support EtherNet/IP or OPC
  • Available in three different resolutions from fast VGA (0.3 MP) to high-resolution UXGA (1.9 MP)

Industrial Vision Camera 3D

The world's first 3D smart camera makes advanced vision easy

  • Easy 3D measurement - provides information about object height, shape and volume
  • Contrast-independent measurement
  • Factory calibrated
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface for fast application development
  • Stand-alone operation, no PC needed after configuration
  • Simple interfacing with PLCs, robots and control systems that support Ethernet/IP or OPC
  • Scans up to 5,000 profiles per second
  • Rated IP 65

If you would like to know more about Sick Vision System & Vision Products, contact More Control on: 0345 00 00 400.

Sick 3D Cameras

Sick High Speed 3D Cameras for complete vision solutions in touch industrial environments.

Sick 3D Cameras come in two distinct variations, the Ranger and Ruler camera for advanced applications and tough industrial environments. 3D Cameras are central in many market leading in-line inspection machines. These Sick Cameras measure object shapes in 3D at unmatched speed and quality, at the same time as measuring other object features such as grey scale and laser scatter (MultiScan). Measuring the 3rd dimension provides specific target knowledge such as height, shape or volume of objects. In combination with MultiScan technology, most object information necessary for a robust and reliable decision is provided by one single camera (decreasing solution complexities and cost).

Ranger C

    Sick Ranger-C 3D Camera
  • 3D shape inspection for high speed production (up to 30 000 profiles/s)
  • 3D for robust and reliable results: Contrast and colour independent
  • MultiScan - get more out of inspections: 3D, Grey and Laser scatter at the same time
  • Several simultaneous 3D regions to remedy occlusion
  • Easy to integrate via CameraLink interface
  • High flexibility with sensor resolutions of up to 1536 3D coordinates and up to 3072 pixels in grey scale

Ruler E

    Sick Ruler-E 3D Camera
  • Factory calibrated 3D (in mm) for high speed production
  • 3D for robust and reliable results: Contrast and colour independent
  • Get more out of the object inspection: 3D, Grey, and scatter at the same time
  • Made for tough environments: Robust IP65 housing and operation down to -30°C
  • Easy to integrate without need for external lights
  • Remote sensing over long cable distances with Gigabit Ethernet
  • High accuracy 3D for measurement widths from 100 mm up to 1.5 m

Sick Vision Systems

Sick Vision Systems are designed and built based on numerous years of experience in factory and logistics automation. Sick Vision provides solutions for application utilising cutting edge technology, giving the customer unique benefits and quality control on production lines while reducing operating costs and machine downtime.

Sick MCL

(Increase sorter uptime and make maintenance easier)

    Sick Vision System MCL
  • Vision-based system for sorter inspections
  • On-demand inspection of sorter cart components
  • Non-intrusive: Inspections take place during sorting activity
  • Inspects at full sorter speed 1.8 m/s
  • Resolution of sorter cart height position < 0.1 mm
  • Pre-configured software for the inspections
  • Maintenance report format: CSV and Excel

Sick IDL

(Maximize throughput with high efficiency sorting)

    Sick Vision System IDL
  • Detection and counting of items of heights down to 2 mm
  • Accurate measurement of item position on belt or tray
  • Doubles detection including side-by-side, product spacing (too close), touching and piggy-back conditions
  • Pre-calibrated measurement head in IP 65 housing
  • Full-range item characteristics in 3D in up to 3 m/s
  • Classify items by height measurement

Sick PLB

(Part localization in bins for robotic part handling)

    Sick Vision System PLB
  • 3D vision system for robotic part handling
  • Localization of randomly oriented parts in bins and boxes
  • 3D camera with superior image quality
  • High immunity to ambient light conditions
  • CAD-based 3D shape matching
  • Combination of pre-set software and hardware
  • Integrated tools for calibration and robot communication
  • Verifies free gripping position based on end-effector model

If you would like to know more about Sick Vision Systems or require a vision system for your factory or production line plant, contact More Control on: 0345 00 00 400.

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