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SICK industrial sensors can reliably sort, count, inspect, measure, recognise and verify the position, size and overall shape of objects. SICK's vast range of industrial sensors and sensing solutions vary from photoelectric, capacitive and magnetic proximity sensors.

Sick Capacitive Proximity Sensors

Sick Capacitive Proximity SensorSick Capacitive Proximity Sensors are ideal for industrial applications which require level and feed monitoring. Whether sensing solid material such as paper, cardboard or wood or looking for granules or liquids, Sick Capacitive Proximity Sensors reliably detect the status of a product throughout the production process and final inspection. Sensing ranges between 1 and 25mm, Sick Capacitive proximity sensors allow clearance in most installations and are extremely adaptable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Sick Capacitive Proximity Sensors are also suitable for extremely harsh industrial environment. Impurities and contamination, dust and airborne spray particles and even electro magnetic interferences have little effect on these proximity sensors. Sick Capacitive Sensors are installed in numerous diverse markets, encompassing the food industry, automobile industry, storage and conveying technologies.

More Control can supply and recommend the ideal capacitive sensing solution for any industrial application. More Control can help you select the right sensors for any automation control system.

  • Cylindrical Thread Designs - CM Capacitive Proximity Sensors
  • Rectangular Housing - CQ Capacitive Proximity Sensors
  • Food & Beverage - CM18 PTFE Capacitive Proximity Sensors

Sick Inductive Proximity Sensors

Sick Inductive Proximity SensorSick Inductive Proximity Sensors are used in numerous applications around the world in most areas of factory and logistics automation. Sick inductive sensors are an ideal non contact sensing solution for detecting metal objects. Sick sensors offer a long operating life span and optimum precision and reliability by using the most modern ASIC technology.

Sick Inductive Proximity Sensors provide the ideal sensing solution for whatever strict automation applications requirements users have. Sick Inductive Sensors range from rectangular standard sensors to special sensors for explosive zones and harsh environments. Sick Inductive Proximity Sensors provide intelligent, reliable routes to implementing industry specific and customised sensing solutions to any automation system.

    • Threaded Cylindrical Housing Proximity Sensors
    • IM Miniature Proximity Sensor
    • IM Single and Double Sensing Distance
    • Triple Sensing Distance
    • IMA Inductive Analog Output Proximity Sensors


    • Smooth Cylindrical Housing Proximity Sensors
    • IH Miniature
    • IH Smooth Cylindrical Sensors


    • Rectangular Housing Proximity Sensors
    • IQ Miniature
    • IQ Standard
    • IQ Flat-pack


    • Proximity Sensors for Food and Beverage
    • IMF Series
    • INOX Series


  • Proximity Devices for Explosive Atmospheres
  • IM Ex Series

For more information about Sick sensing solutions and Inductive Proximity Sensors, contact More Control on: 0345 00 00 400.

Sick Magnetic Proximity Sensors

Sick Magnetic Proximity SensorSick provide a comprehensive range of Magnetic Proximity Sensors in both cylindrical and square configurations. The Cylindrical sensors are available in standard and advanced series with extended sensing ranges. With the use of newer and smaller magnets it is now possible to solve a wider range of automation applications.

Each of Sick's Magnetic Proximity Sensors can detect targets / objects through walls. The Namur series of cylindrical Magnetic Proximity Sensors is designed for explosive atmospheres.

  • Cylindrical Thread Design – MM Magnetic Proximity Sensors
  • Rectangular Housing – MQ Magnetic Proximity Sensors
  • Proximity Devices for Explosive Atmospheres – MM Namur Magnetic Proximity Sensors

Sick Magnetic Cylinder Sensors

Sick Magnetic Proximity SensorSick Magnetic Cylinder Sensors are commonly used to detect the position of pistons in pneumatic cylinders, and are attached directly to the cylinder body. Sick magnetic cylinder sensors offer precise measurement, short response times and non contact operation: (no wear and tear or calibration required over tine.)

    • T-Slot Magnetic Cylinder Sensors
    • MPS
    • MZ2Q-T
    • Electronic T-Slot
    • Reed T-Slot


    • C-Slot Magnetic Cylinder Sensors
    • MZ2Q-C
    • MZN1
    • RZN1


  • Other Sensor Types
  • Tie Rod Cylinder
  • Profile Cylinder
  • Roundbody Cylinder
  • Dove-tail Groove Cylinder

Sick Photoelectric Sensors

Sick Photoelectric SensorSick Photoelectric Sensors offer precise optics and advanced technology in a miniature size housing. Sick photoelectric sensors can be adjusted to fit any industrial machine application needs. Despite the small size of Sick Sensors, they are exceptional solutions for applications in packaging, material handling, food and beverage processing and many other industries.

Sick provides photoelectric sensors to fit any space or application requirement, from miniature photoelectric sensors to Cylindrical photoelectric sensors to Fiber optic photoelectric sensors. Also available are specialized photoelectric sensors for zone control, transparent objects, explosive atmospheres and hygienic applications. Sick photoelectric sensors incorporate PinPoin Technology to increase and concentrate energy from the LED on a smaller area and increase the intensity of the light spot.

  • Miniature photoelectric sensors
  • Small photoelectric sensors
  • Compact photoelectric sensors
  • Cylindrical photoelectric sensors
  • Zone Control
  • Fiber-optic photoelectric sensors
  • Laser photoelectric sensors
  • PinPoint Technology
  • Photoelectric sensors for transparent objects
  • Photoelectric sensors for explosive atmospheres
  • Hygienic photoelectric sensors
  • AS Interface photoelectric sensors

If you would like more information about Sick's range of industrial sensors, or if you require a sensing solution, contact More Control on: 0345 00 00 400.

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