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Sick Identification Systems - Bar Code Scanners

Sick Identification Solutions are reliable, flexible, simple solutions to optimise logistical processes, control the flow of goods, minimise waste and maximise throughput.

Ideal for use in conveyors, AGVs, sorters, induction stations, palletises, Sick identification technologies allow users to choose from a broad range of applications, (Including 1D and 2D bar code scanning, side by side package detection, pallet ID and positioning and package dimensioning).

Sick Bar Code Scanners

Sick CLV6 Series ScannerSick Bar Code Scanners speed up logistics automation by high speed scanning and processing of barcodes. Damaged or poorly printed barcode labels will also be recognised due to Sick Barcodes excellent reading performance. Sick Barcode scanners offer easy to use networking, and a compact connection system to save on space, cost and installation time.

The new CLV 6 series with many advantages

  • Integrated Ethernet interface
  • Flexible fieldbus connection in the device (Ethernet TCP/IP, Ethernet IP, CAN bus)
  • Simple PROFIBUS connection via the new CDF600
  • Enhanced CAN bus performance
  • Excellent reading rate for damaged, contaminated and partially concealed barcodes thanks to the complex code reconstruction algorithm
  • Reliable code identification even at high conveyor velocities
  • Extremely flexible and freely configurable output formats for easy adaptation to the PLC
  • Easy-to-use parameter settings via SOPAS, the software for all new SICK devices
  • Additional 10 LED bar graph for displaying the reading performance
  • Quick firmware update via Micro-SD flash card possible without PC
  • User-friendly setup through integrated keys and bar graph, even without using a PC
  • Intelligent connection assistant as well as easy-to-use parameter settings in network projects
  • Web server integrated in the scanner for diagnostic tasks
  • Remote Diagnostic Tool RDT 400 for calling up detailed reading statistics also available

Sick Hand Held Scanners

Sick IDM140 Hand Held ScannerSick Hand Held Scanners replace the manual entry of data when looking at parts, boxes or containers as they come into the assembly line. Hand Held Scanners record data in seconds and eliminate operating errors, speeding up processes, reducing costs and insuring that only accurate data is logged in the production database. Sick Hand Held Scanners are used as an interface for fully developed auto ident solutions.

  • IDM140 Series
  • IT3800 Series
  • IT4000 Series


  • Reading distance up to 320 mm
  • Identifies all popular linear bar codes
  • Scan rate up to 500 scans/second
  • Withstands 25 drops from 1.6 m height
  • Highly visible scan line
  • IP 41 enclosure rating

Sick Image Based Code Readers

Sick Lector R62 Image Based Code ReaderSick provide a wide range of 2D code scanner to be used with a multitude of reading applications. From 1D or 2D fields or direct marked codes (laser dot peening, ink jet), Sick Code Readers provide an ideal solution for nearly every application. Sick also offer multi compatible connectivity options to make installation faster and cleaner. From machine development right up to control systems, Sick Code Readers can be integrated in every environment.

  • LECTOR 62x
  • ICR80x
  • ICR84x-2
  • ICR84x-2L FlexLens
  • ICR85x-2
  • ICR890


  • Decoding of most popular code types: 1D, 2D, direct part marking
  • Automatic focus teach-in for quick setup
  • Easy integration with industrial networks: serial, Ethernet, PROFINET, PROFIBUS and CAN
  • Auto setup with function button and aiming laser does not require PC
  • Compact design and industrial housing with swivel connector
  • Analysis tools include live image capturing, code verification and read rate view

Sick RFID Scanners

Sick RFH62x RFID ScannersSick Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) allows clear identification of an object even in difficult environmental conditions, without visual contact between the reader and object. In applications where process relevant data is modified remotely RFID makes it possible to store data on writable and rewriteable media. SICK RFID Scanner makes is possible to reliably identify all objects despite dirt and everyday wear. This enables for a reliable and fast detection of target objects. Sick RFID identifying enables faster commissioning, higher efficiency and cost reductions.

Interrogator (write/read unit) RFH62x

  • 13.56 MHz short range RFID interrogator
  • Compact, industrial design with integrated antenna
  • Suitable for all standard fieldbus and networks
  • Application-specific modes: command, stand-alone and continuous
  • Uses SICK SOPAS operating software
  • Wide range of diagnostics functions
  • Supports SICK cloning functionality via CMC600 or a Micro SD card

Sick Connection Modules

Sick CLV6 Connector ModuleSick provides a wide range of connection devices which easily connect to other devices in machines (regardless of the selected automatic identification technology). These Sick devices enable easy integration of fieldbus gateways into the modular connection boxes, making it possible to incorporate a scanner, camera or RFID system into different fieldbus technologies.

CDB (Connection Device Basic)

  • Compact design
  • Two mounting holes for fast and precise installation
  • Connection diagram integrated in lid
  • Clearly visible and easily accessible screw/spring-loaded terminals
  • Configuration by switch
  • IP 65 connection of a scanner using SICK standard cable
  • Cable glands provide strain relief
  • Service plug for direct access to the AUX interface


If you would like more information about Sick's range of industrial sensors, or if you require a sensing solution, contact More Control on: 0345 00 00 400.

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