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Sick Safety Devices - Scanners & Light Curtains

Sick Self monitoring Opto Electronic Protective Devices can be used for safeguarding dangerous points, hazardous areas and access control, both vertically and horizontally. Sick Intelligent Opto Electronic Safety Devices like industrial sensors, laser scanner, light grids and light curtains ensure that workplace areas can be accessed safely and hazardous zones are safeguarded.

    Sick Safety Laser Scanners

    Sick Safety Laser ScannerSick Safety laser scanner can be used in a wide range of mobile or stationary applications, including non contact area monitoring and access protection. This Sick compact system scans its surrounding in a fan shape and measures distances by using the time of flight principle of measurement. The integrated rotating mirror of this device creates a two dimensional scan for measuring contours. Protective field areas are defined with program logical switching to customise scanner to meet user application requirements.

    Sick Safety Camera Systems

    Sick Safety Cameras are electro sensitive protective devices which are based on image processing technology. The sender and receiver of the safety camera are integrated into a single housing unit. The Sick compact camera systems do not require additional software and can be commissioned and integrated with ease. Automatic alignment allows high levels of flexibility when defining the protective field and the high degree of freedom in the machine design provide maximum ergonomics for the camera.

    V300 Work Station Extended

    Sick Safety Camera SystemPerfect protection with minimal space requirements

    • Scanning range up to 2.12 m
    • Resolution 20 mm, 24 mm, and 34 mm
    • One device only: integrated sender and receiver
    • Intuitive one-button operation
    • Automatic alignment
    • Synchronization of 2 systems
    • Restart/Reset, EDM integrated
    • SIL2 (IEC 61508, EN 62061) and PL d (EN ISO 13849)

    Sick Safety Light Curtains

    Sick Safety Light CurtainsFlexible, cost-saving installation and maintenance with the highest levels of safety

    Sick Safety Light curtains are reliable, cost effective protection against access into hazardous points and areas. Sick Light Curtains complete with type 4 and type 2 EN ISO 13839. Depending upon the light curtain variant, different machine functions are integrated and can be selected via safe control solutions. The Sick range of Light Curtains vary from small / compact types to extremely robust, resistant light curtain which can withstand special ambient conditions up to the highest levels of safety.

    C4000 Standard / C4000 Advanced

    Large scanning range for greater flexibility

    • Type 4 (IEC 61496), PL e (EN ISO 13849)
    • Various options for blanking objects: fixed, floating, or teach-in
    • 7-segment display
    • PSDI mode with the UE402 switching amplifier
    • External device monitoring (EDM) and restart interlock (RES)
    • Beam coding for correct system allocation
    • Configuration and diagnostics via PC
    • Cascade up to three systems

    Sick Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices

    Sick Safety Laser ScannerEconomical, efficient multiple light beam safety devices

    Sick Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices are electro sensitive protective solutions with two or more light beams. If one or more of the beams is interrupted, a deactivation signal is sent to the machine so that any dangerous state on a machine or system can be stopped. The Sick light beam system consists of a sender and a receiver. In active / passive systems, the sender and receiver are located in a secure housing unit while a deflection unit on the passive side provides beam deflection.

    M4000 Standard and M4000 Standard A/P

    High efficient solutions with maximum availability

    • Type 4 (IEC 61496), PL e (EN ISO 13849)
    • Robust housing with three mounting grooves
    • 7-segment display
    • Wide scanning range, up to 70 m
    • External device monitoring (EDM), restart interlock (RES) and application diagnostic output (ADO)
    • Standardized M12 connectivity
    • Optional integration features: laser alignment aid, LED or AS-i interface
    • Configuration keys located directly on the device

    Sick Single Beam Photoelectric Safety Switches

    Sick Single Beam Photoelectric Safety SwitchesPhotoelectric safety switches for use in extreme application conditions Sick Single Beam Photoelectric Safety Switches offer maximum safety performance. These safety switches comprise of a self testing sender and receiver and combined with a evaluation unit. Common applications for the Sick Single Beam Photoelectric Safety Switches include robots, processing machinery, machining centres, palletises, high bay warehouses and transfer lines.

    L4000 Systems

    Complete system that is highly reliable and offers fast response times

    • Type 4 (IEC 61496), PL e (EN ISO 13849), only in conjunction with UE401
    • Small M18 sensors with ranges up to 10 m
    • Compact M30 sensors with ranges up to 60 m
    • Enclosure rating IP 67
    • Temperature range from -20 °C ... +55 °C
    • Narrow evaluation device (22.5 mm) with external device monitoring and restart interlock (EDM/RES)
    • Fast response time of max. 30 ms
    • Up to 8 sensors can be cascaded

    Sick Mirror & Device Columns

    Sick Mirror and Device Columns are commonly used where protection on several sides is necessary or opto electronic protective devices must be positioned in an open room. An entry / exit system is used at the gate for automatic material transport.

    The combination of multiple photoelectric safety switches with deflector mirrors provides the ideal solution for perimeter protection. The adjustment of deflector mirrors mounted in sturdy column provides a very straightforward setup and installation.

    The robust device columns with the 2 external mounting grooves in combination with muting, brackets and protective plates ensure straightforward, flexible attachment of the muting sensors.

    Mirror columns, device columns with external grooves

    • Free-standing mounting solution wherever there are no mounting options
    • Device protection against external influences
    • Compact, robust type and extreme stability
    • Simple mounting and adjustment
    • Large reflector surface for efficient multi-sided protection via beam deflection Universal application for: (Multiple light beam safety devices / Safety light curtains)

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