Bottle Gapping System

Control of Bottle Gapping System Application

Ref: 131224 JW

Application Details:

Bottle Gapping System

Customer had a requirement to ensure that a gap was maintained in the flow of bottles on a conveyor line. This was required to ensure that the printer could apply a code correctly to each passing bottle quickly and efficiently.

More Control Solution Provided


Using the customers own air motor we were able to utilise a programmable logic relay and two sensors to solve this application.

The upstream sensors ensure that a queue of bottles has formed on the in-feed which is sufficient to push the bottles through the gapping wheel. A second sensor is positioned on the down-feed side to stop the flow of bottles if they begin to back up towards the printer.

Bottle Gapping System

The system was commissioned and running just two days after ordering. The customer was working on a very tight deadline due to a last minute printer move.

Budget Value: £750.00

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