Remote Monitoring System

Remote Monitoring System

Application Details

Remote Monitoring System

Working within the pharmaceutical industry the customer requested an accurate system to allow the remote data collection of a Filling, Labelling and Cartoning machine. The machines status was needed to be logged for the duration of the shift. Information on when the machine was running; stopped and in a maintenance mode was needed.

In addition, accurate product counting was also required to allows the logging of products manufactured per shift.

Solution Provided

Utilising the WERMA Win complete performance system (wireless based machine monitoring system), More Control was able to accurately monitor multiple machines and their statuses. The Win Complete allowed for 3 machines to be monitored with the option of having extra Slave modules to be added.


Part Number: MC2700-2240
Budget Value: £1237

- Product Overview Guide
- WIN Complete Performance Manual


The Master USB unit was connected to a laptop with the Win Software installed. The 3 Wireless Slave modules with Red/Amber/Green light tower modules were added to the Filter, Labeller and Cartoner by supply 24VDC signals indicating when the machine had been stopped, was running or was switched to engineering Maintenance.

A signal on the Slave connected to the Cartoner also had a 24VDC signal from a product counter sensor.

The information from the slaves was sent via a Wireless Signal to the Master unit and collated in the software.

For more information about Werma Win remote monitoring systems, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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