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More Control Power Monitoring Application More Control has provided over the years numerous power monitoring systems to control the lighting and power monitoring at various facilities across the UK.

As regulations and costs for energy use and power monitoring are increasing, there is now a greater market demand for having accurate devices for monitoring energy consumption and for monitoring energy use.

These days, correct and accurate power monitoring is also a prerequisite of any major building development or facility. Most commercial building are expected to show energy efficiencies in their business operations and daily use.

In order to determine how efficient a building complex is, an accurate device for monitoring and reviewing power is essential.

Systems for control and conservation are increasingly becoming a reality for all businesses.

The software implemented by More Control has the ability to accurately section facilities and provide the power consumption figures for those relevant sections. This provides an accurate power consumption figure for large facilities that can then apportion power use accordingly and take any appropriate action to save energy.

The Royal Festival Hall

The Royal Festival Hall needed to update its energy management systems not only to enable energy saving, but also to accurately measure where power was being used and to allocate costs to each user as a true reflection of its use.

The new system put in place, monitors the power coming in and then uses around 50 monitoring devices to monitor the power, as it is distributed out to different areas and departments throughout the building. As well as monitoring the power being used, the units also registered any peaks and troughs of usage, loss of power or supply outside normal parameters.

All the monitoring devices were connected to a data gathering device and ultimately to a PC; this allowed the historical data to be exported or printed in a text or graphical format. Furthermore, the power use could also be monitored in a real time format if required.

The logged data is then used to monitor each area for it efficiency, to check whether any area is putting a significant load onto the building supply and to bill each area for its use.

This ultimately allowed the Royal Festival Hall, to accurately monitor all of its power levels and to optimise their hall for maximum efficient use, whilst saving money on running and operational costs.

If you have a power monitoring application that you wish to have designed or developed, feel free to contact More Control on: 0345 00 00 400 and one of our technicians can determine the ideal power monitoring solution to suit your needs.

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