Warehouse Lighting Control

Warehouse Lighting Control Application

Application details:

Customer wished to have an innovative means of managing the light levels in their warehouse to switch on and off depending upon location / machine use in their warehouse.

When a set point triggers or machine device is activated in the warehouse the warehouse will automatically switch on/off light points. For instance when a machine is activated or operating process is completed, the switching actuators would switch on/off based upon the user specifications.

Also customer requested to save on energy costs by dimming and reducing light levels to get the most out of daylight harvesting.

More Control Warehouse Lighting Control Solution

Utilising the Moeller X Comfort RF Software, set points and triggers for switches could be programmed with ease. A simple to operate programming screen provides operators with a clear viewpoint of their system and displays which element is offset when a triggered action is put into effect.

Using Moeller Switching Actuators device points can be configured to switch on and off devices. The Switching Actuator receives signals from sensors and is compatible to control a variety of systems such as lighting, heating and alarm system. Working with Lux Sensors in the warehouse, the switching actuator can switch on/off lights based on when the Lux sensor reaches a certain pre-set level.

This simple, yet effective system allowed the warehouse to reduce their overall energy consumption and act as a signalling device/system to notify operators that a process or machine was in use.

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