Lenze ESMD Inverter

Lenze ESMD Inverter Drive Application

Offering a competitive solution for modern automation industry, the Lenze ESMD113L4TXA frequency inverter drive provides advanced technology and high quality at a reasonable price.

Featuring everything one would expect from a modern AC inverter, the Lenze ESMD1134TXA is suitable for universal use.

Compact in design, the three easy to use on-board functions and small number of parameters make commissioning the drive very easy. The Lenze ESMD113L4TXA provides a compact solution with optimum power to volume ratio of the device. The innovative EPM memory module can be removed from the drive and the outside program, copied or even put into another 8200 SMD. Copying data from EPM to EPM, file to EPM or rewriting the EPM to a file takes just two seconds at the touch of a button.

Main Features ESMD Inverter Drive

  • Power - 11kW
  • Voltage - (400/480V, 3Ph, 320-528V, 48-62Hz)
  • Climatic Condition - Class 3K3 to EN 50178
  • Temperature Range - Storage: -20 °C to +70 °C
  • Operation - 0 °C to +55 °C (with power de-rating of 2.5% per 1 °C above 40 °C)
  • Installation Height - 0 to 4000m AMSL (with power de-rating of 5% per 1000m above 1000m AMSL)
  • Ambient Humidity - <95% (no condensation)
  • Vibration Resistance - Acceleration stability up to 0.7g to EN 5178
  • Enclosure - IP20 to EN 60529

Suitable for most applications, the Lenze SMD is very simple to set up and use, allowing users to save on hiring an engineer for installation. SMD frequency inverters are an ideal alternative to soft starters, speed motors, mechanical variators & DC drives.

Application Uses of the Lenze ESMD113L4TXA

  • Transporters & Conveyors pumps
  • Fans & Compressors
  • Drive high-speed spindles & Winding equipment

For more information about the Lenze ESMD113L4TXA inverter drive and other Lenze inverter drives, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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