Bowl Feeder Application

Bowl Feeder Part Orientation Application

Application Details

Customer was using a simple sensor to orientate electronic parts in a bowl feeder. These parts were changed so that the front and backside had equal level of contrast. This however, rendered the sensor ineffective.

More Control installed an Omron FQ vision sensor to successfully orientate the parts via a pattern check, rather than simple contrast.

More Control Solution Provided

This image shows the non H side of the part. The camera is taught the pattern and gives
an output every time this shape comes into view. An output is generated to fire the reject. Omron FQ Vision Application

This image shows the H side of the part which does not match the original pattern and will
not fire the reject. Omron FQ Vision Application

Part Numbers

Omron FQ – provides, advanced inspection, code reading and verification at low costs. Omron FQ provides great flexibility to solve variety of applications.

  • Over 100 camera options
  • Crystal clear images
  • All in one housing
  • Easy searching with Shape Search II
  • Advanced Inspection

Budget Value £2000

For more information about Omron FQ vision sensors or if you are looking for a vision application contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.


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