Mark Detection

Registration Mark Detection Application – Mark Sensor

Application Details

A customer was having inconsistent outputs from a contrast scanner used to detect registration marks on a coloured plastic tube prior to filling. Due to different coloured tubes, sensing was inconsistent.

More Control Solution

Omron E3X Fibre AmpMore Control supplied an Omron Fibre Amp with a white light. Due to detection using RGB ratios, reliable detection of coloured, white or black were reliably detected.

Part Numbers:

Budget Value £240

E3X-DAC-S colour (RGB) Digital Fibre

The E3X-DAC-S detects the colour and returned light intensity of a mark or object and compares it with a stored RGB ratio or intensity value. The RGB ratio or contrast difference allows the stable detection of differently coloured, black, grey or white marks or objects.

  • White LED for colour independence
  • Fast response time of min. 60 µs
  • Timer function for variable ON or OFF delay up to 5 sec
  • Remote teaching or easy one-button teaching

If you have registration detection application or would like more information on mark detection sensors, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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